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Schools Consent Project: getting young people to talk about consent

Family law Associate, Georgia Holmes, and Trainee Solicitor, Alicia Perry-Watts, have been providing training to young people in the Bristol and the South West area on sexual consent, as part...

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The end of self-isolation: a guide for employers

Almost two years after Covid-19 self-isolation rules came into force, people in England will no longer have to self-isolate if they have coronavirus. The news has had a mixed response,...

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What’s the difference between a prenup and a postnup?

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is hardly a romantic concept. After all, marriage and civil partnerships are supposed to be about life-long commitment. However, with an estimated 42% of UK...

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How employers can promote mental well-being at work

According to research carried out by mental health charity, Mind, a culture of fear and silence around employee mental health is costly to employers. More than one in five employees said...

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Case Studies

Case study: £18.5k settlement for care home negligence claim

Our medical negligence solicitors helped a family to claim compensation after an 89-year-old died as a result of negligence in a care home. Our client, Mrs G, had been a...

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Parental rights for same-sex parents

For many couples, starting a family is the next step in their relationship. However, for same-sex parents, establishing parental rights can be complicated. There are many different ways that children...

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Why it’s worth paying for a solicitor

One of the questions our lawyers often get asked is, “Why is this legal advice so expensive?” There is a common misconception that solicitors charge high rates for their legal...

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Case Studies

Fatal injury claim after child killed by trailer

Our personal injury solicitors helped a family to seek closure after their young son was fatally injured on a road in Bristol. A three-year-old boy was sadly killed when a...

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Case Studies

Case study: £32.5k for cyclist injured in car accident on roundabout

Our specialist personal injury solicitors helped a cyclist to claim compensation after he was injured in an accident with a car on a Bristol roundabout. The Claimant was referred to...

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What are a director’s duties?

Within every company, there will normally be shareholders and a director (or a board of directors). Directors are in charge of the management of a business, and their duties are...

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Do grandparents have a legal right to see their grandchildren?

Grandparents play an increasingly important role in modern family life and a grandchild’s upbringing. Unfortunately, family complications such as divorce, bereavement and disputes can result in grandparents being denied access...

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Case Studies

Case study: life-changing brain injury after cycling accident

Our specialist brain injury solicitors represented a young man, Mr S, who was a victim of a cycling accident. The accident left him with a life-changing brain injury which has...

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