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If you’re going through family issues, it can be difficult to know where to turn for advice. That’s why our team of specialist family law solicitors will take the time to fully understand your personal circumstances, helping you to find practical, workable solutions.

Our family law solicitors are based in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. We have decades of experience helping individuals and families to deal with a wide range of issues, including divorce and separation, prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements, domestic violence and more.

With a focus on practical advice and non-confrontational dispute resolution, we aim to help you find fast, effective solutions to your family legal issues while keeping conflict to a minimum.

Coronavirus: family law FAQs

Our family law team remains committed to providing clear, common sense advice during this time of uncertainty. Guidance for many aspects of family law is ever-changing, so we have done our best to answer your frequently asked questions here.

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Our family law services

Our aim is to find the right solution for you, whilst minimising both the emotional and financial cost to your family. We offer expert legal advice on a range of family issues, providing a comprehensive service for your whole family.

Divorce and separation

We can guide you through every step of getting a divorce or separating. We help to keep the process amicable wherever possible through methods such as mediation and collaborative law.

Our divorce and separation services include:

  • Starting divorce proceedings
  • Responding to divorce proceedings
  • Agreeing grounds for divorce
  • Making a financial settlement
  • Making arrangements for children

Private finance advice

We can help you reach a financial settlement when getting divorced, ensuring you achieve a fair settlement and financial stability for the future.

Our private finance advice services include:

  • Negotiating a financial settlement
  • Taking court action to achieve a settlement
  • Taking court action to enforce a financial settlement

Legal advice regarding children

We take a non-confrontational approach to resolving disputes over children wherever possible, protecting your rights and your children’s best interests while helping you to maintain positive relationships with their other parents and carers.

Our children law services include:

  • Making childcare arrangements after divorce or separation
  • Residence and contact orders
  • Special Guardianship Orders
  • Adoption
  • Social services and care proceedings
  • Support for grandparents and other family carers
  • Childcare disputes

Civil partnerships and civil partnership dissolution

We offer experienced support for all of the legal issues surrounding civil partnerships, allowing you to plan for the future, grow your family and deal with any issues if your relationship ends.

Our civil partnerships services include:

  • Pre-registration agreements for civil partnerships
  • Civil partnership dissolution
  • Financial settlements for civil partnership dissolution
  • Arrangements for children after civil partnership dissolution
  • Adoption and fostering
  • Surrogacy, donor conception and fertility treatment

Prenuptial and cohabitation agreements

Whether you are getting married or choosing to live with a partner without getting married, we can help make sure your interests are protected for the future.

Our prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements services:

  • Creating prenups and cohabitation agreements
  • Reviewing and amending prenups and cohabitation agreements
  • Ensuring your agreements meet the standard to be considered by a judge

Domestic abuse

If you or a loved one have been the victim of domestic abuse, whether physical or verbal, we can take immediate action to keep you safe and help you get the support you need.

Our domestic violence services include:

  • Non-Molestation Court Orders (preventing your partner threatening you, harassing you or coming near you)
  • Occupation Orders (forcing your partner to leave your home)
  • Taking action for breach of injunction
  • Referring you to appropriate support services

International child abduction

We can help you if your child has been brought to the UK without your permission, you have brought your child to the UK without their other parent’s consent, you want to relocate to another country, or you are worried your child is at risk of abduction by their other parent.

Our international child abduction services include:

  • Notifying police
  • Ensuring you have parental responsibility for your child
  • Applying for a Prohibited Steps Order (PSO) to prevent your child from being taken abroad
  • Referring you to the appropriate services if your child has already been taken abroad without your consent

Collaborative law

We are specialists in non-confrontational family dispute resolution, also known as alternative dispute resolution. This can allow you to quickly and cost-effectively resolve family disputes without the need for court action.

Our collaborative law services can help with:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Financial settlements
  • Childcare arrangements
  • Child contact disputes
  • Disputes over grandparents access to grandchildren

Public law care proceedings

Our experience in public law care proceedings means we can ensure your rights are respected and your child’s best interests are protected.

Our public law care proceedings services include:

  • Care Orders
  • Supervision Orders
  • Representation during care proceedings

Our family law expertise

When it comes to issues relating to your family, we adopt a friendly, sensitive approach, while still offering a swift, professional service. This way, we can help you resolve your legal issue efficiently and effectively with minimal stress.

Every member of our family law team is a member of Resolution, an organisation committed to non-confrontational divorce and separation. Many of us are also trained collaborative lawyers. We’re also members of the Law Society Legal Family and Children Legal Panels.

Family law FAQs

In some areas of family law, we offer a complimentary introductory meeting with a member of our family law team.

This complimentary meeting is up to 30 minutes long and designed for you to get to know your solicitor and to discuss your options. If specific advice is required and you’d like to continue past the 30 minutes, please let your solicitor know and you may be able to carry on into a more detailed consultation. This time will be chargeable, but your solicitor will tell you how much it will be.

To book a consultation with our solicitors in Bristol, call 0117 325 2929.

Mediation is an effective method of resolving disputes, without the need to go to court. It’s a voluntary process that involves an independent third party (a mediator) who helps both parties come to an agreement through discussion and negotiation.

As an alternative to court, we can refer you to family mediation. This is quicker, more flexible and helps you maintain control over the situation. Reaching agreement amicably is particularly beneficial when children are involved. Contact our family law team to book your consultation.

Payments for children are governed and administered by the Child Support Agency (CSA). They’ll calculate the payment due based on the absent parent’s disposable income and the number of children. For further information, visit the GOV.UK website.

Some payments are determined by the court, including school fees, step-children and disabled children. For advice on negotiating these payments, contact our family law solicitors in Bristol and South Gloucestershire for advice.

If you’re concerned that your child may be permanently removed from the country without your consent, you should contact us immediately. We can apply to the court for an order stating that your child cannot be taken out of the UK and can also request that your child’s passport is surrendered.

Contact our family law solicitors in Bristol to discuss your circumstances.

Fixed fee packages

In some areas of family law, we offer clients a complimentary 30-minute meeting with a legal expert in family law, as well as fixed fees on our family law services so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay from the start.

Our aim is to ensure all our fees are open and transparent. Within our fixed fee information we clearly indicate what is – and what isn’t – included in our fixed fee packages. We also assess all of our clients for Legal Aid.

Contact our family law solicitors in Bristol

To speak to a family law solicitor about your personal circumstances, call us on  0117 325 2929, click here to make an immediate start online or complete our online enquiry form.


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