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We raised £6,000 for dementia in 2017

We’d like to say a big well done to all our staff on their amazing fundraising efforts over the past year. Thanks to their hard work, we’ve been able to raise £6,061.54 for local dementia charities BRACE Alzheimer’s Research and Bristol Dementia Action... [read more...]

Alex Castiglione appointed Partner

We're delighted to announce the appointment of Alex Castiglione, our current Head of Commercial Property, as Partner. Alex joined Barcan+Kirby in 2002 as a temporary receptionist, and took the opportunity to obtain her Chartered Legal Executive... [read more...]

Making your Wills together

Need to know the differences between Joint Wills, Mutual Wills and Mirror Wills? In this article our Wills, Trusts + Probate team explain the different effects of each testamentary document. There are three different types of wills that two or more people... [read more...]

Unmarried couples’ rights – a myth?

A survey undertaken by family law organisation, Resolution, has found that millions of cohabiting couples wrongly believe that they’re entitled to legal protection when they split up, as they’re under ‘common law marriage’. Common law marriage,... [read more...]

Speed down for Road Safety Week

Once again, we’re delighted to be supporting Road Safety Week organised by Brake, the road safety charity, and working with the Brain Injury Group. This year, the campaign is running from 20th to 26th November and the theme is ‘Speed Down Save... [read more...]

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