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Pimlico: a tiny nail in the coffin of the gig economy?

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled against Pimlico Plumbers in a dispute over whether one of their erstwhile operatives – a Mr Smith – was a ‘worker’. Some commentators are questioning whether this case will have wider ramifications for the gig... [read more...]

Case study: brain injury after cycling accident

We represented a young man who was a victim of a cycling accident. The accident left him with a life-changing brain injury which has caused him numerous personal difficulties. His concentration, memory, personality and behaviour have all been... [read more...]

Workplace ageism – what are your rights?

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly at work and there are laws to protect you against discrimination on the basis of age. Working into your 60s, 70s and beyond is no longer a rarity, and for many it's a financial necessity. The past 15 years has seen... [read more...]

Is lifetime maintenance becoming a thing of the past?

Court orders for maintenance are typically made to ensure that one of the divorcees’ financial needs are met. However, a recent court order for maintenance limited the payments to five years. Partner and divorce specialist Chris Miller explains how... [read more...]

What are the benefits of trusts?

What are trusts? The broad purpose of a trust is simple: to help families control how assets such as cash, investments or property are handed over to the next generation. Trusts have been around for hundreds of years and can play an important role in... [read more...]

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