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What is the two-year rule for employment rights?

Many employees don’t realise that, unless they have two years of continuous service with their employer, they do not have full employment rights. This ‘qualifying period’ has been in force...

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Birth injury claims and the Early Notification Scheme

In April 2017, the NHS launched the Early Notification Scheme (ENS). This required NHS hospitals to report incidents where babies were born with evidence of severe brain injuries in specific circumstances....

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Probate delays: what to expect

Bereaved families have been experiencing long wait times before being granted probate, thanks to delays in the probate system that seem to have peaked in recent months. In this blog,...

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New report investigates factors affecting the delivery of safe care in midwifery units

On 8th May 2024, Maternity & Newborn Safety Investigations (MNSI) published a report based on an analysis of 92 Health Services Safety Investigations Body (HSSIB reports on safety incidents that...

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Self-driving cars and personal injury claims

Self-driving (autonomous) cars are one of the most significant and talked about examples of automated technology in recent years. Whilst many people believe driverless cars could take the stress out...

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New pathway launched to diagnose Cauda Equina Syndrome without delay

A new pathway is available to help clinicians better diagnose and treat patients suspected of having Cauda Equina Syndrome, a rare but serious spinal condition. The pathway has been developed...

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The Birth Trauma Inquiry: a further demand for safer maternity care

Today (13th May 2024), the country’s first parliamentary inquiry into birth trauma has been released. The headline? Good maternity care ‘is the exception rather than the rule’. Here, medical negligence...

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Can I get divorced in the UK if I live abroad?

If your marriage has broken down, you may be looking to formally and legally end it to enable you to move on. The divorce process is now slightly more straightforward...

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What is coercive control?

Many people presume that domestic abuse is physical. Whilst that can be true, it can also be psychological, emotional or behavioural. Coercive control is a form of domestic abuse whereby...

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The dangers of electric cars

Electric cars seem like a simple way to make a difference in an increasingly environmentally conscious world. In fact, in 2023, more than 452,000 electric cars were registered: up 41%...

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Parental conflict vs domestic abuse: what’s the difference?

It can be difficult to spot the difference between parental conflict and domestic abuse. Disagreements in relationships can be normal and are usually nothing to worry about when they are...

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What is a settlement agreement?

Settlement agreements are commonly used to settle a workplace dispute on agreed terms. It is often where there is a redundancy situation or when the employee and employer feel it’s...

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