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What is financial disclosure in divorce?

When a couple goes through the divorce process, they will normally need to consider how they will divide their finances. Agreeing on a financial settlement that both parties consider fair...

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What to consider when taking on a commercial lease

Taking on a commercial lease as a tenant is a big decision, but knowing the ins and outs can help you to avoid any problems in the future. In this...

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What should a hybrid working policy include?

There is no doubt that more of us have opted for a hybrid working pattern since the coronavirus pandemic. Working from home may have been forced upon us when we...

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What are the legal implications of being a sperm donor?

Donor conception is life-changing for thousands of families across the UK and becoming a sperm donor could offer you the chance to make a real difference. However, there are a...

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How to prepare for your first meeting with a divorce solicitor 

The prospect of meeting a solicitor about a divorce, separation or the dissolution of civil partnership* for the first time can feel daunting, especially for those who have never sought...

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What’s the difference between an employee, a worker and a self-employed person?

The last few years have seen big changes in employment law and how we work. Self-employment is on the rise, and flexible and hybrid working is becoming the norm for...

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Health and safety at work: do you know your rights?

Whether you have a nine-to-five job in an office or you have a life-long career in extreme sports, every employee and employer has an obligation to ensure health and safety...

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Your guide to the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022

The Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022 will come into effect on 30th June 2022. It received Royal Assent and became law on 8th February 2022. The Leasehold Reform Act...

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Your guide to the employment tribunal reforms

The HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has announced plans to reform employment tribunals so that they are more efficient for all parties involved. Employment tribunals can be vital in...

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How do you end a civil partnership?

If you want to end a civil partnership, you need to apply for a ‘dissolution order’ which dissolves the partnership. The process is similar to that of divorce in marriage,...

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Remote witnessing of Wills extended until 2024

The pandemic has undeniably had a lasting effect on the way we do things. Legal systems are not immune to this and legislation around Will writing and witnessing has even...

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Childcare arrangements over the holidays

Holidays such as Christmas or Easter are often associated with spending quality time together as a family. However, if parents have recently separated or are struggling to agree on child...

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