Case study: over £3,000 for man who tripped on packaging left by neighbour’s builders

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Our personal injury solicitors helped a client claim compensation after he tripped over packaging left by builders following his neighbour’s loft conversion.

Accident circumstances and injuries sustained

Our client’s next door neighbour was having a loft conversion, which was being constructed for around a month before he went on holiday. When our client, Mr D, returned home from his trip away, as he approached the back door to his property, his feet got tangled in a circular piece of plastic strapping used to hold battens of timber in bundles resulting in him falling to the ground.

As a result of the fall, Mr D sustained the following injuries:

  • Soft tissue injury to his nose
  • Extensive grazes to his face
  • Sprains to both wrists
  • Pain to both thumbs

Claiming compensation for personal injury

Mr D instructed our personal injury solicitors to help him claim compensation for the injuries that were sustained as a result of his accident.

Medical reports obtained

Our Personal Injury team obtained copies of Mr D’s medical records to determine the full extent of his injuries. Our solicitors also instructed an A&E Consultant to prepare a report on his injuries.

The medical report confirmed that the majority of Mr D’s injuries resolved within one month of the accident. The Consultant also reviewed previous scans and was of the opinion that the ongoing pain in his thumbs was due to pre-existing arthritis and not the fall. For the avoidance of doubt, our client underwent an up-to-date X-ray which confirmed that the arthritis was unrelated to the accident.

Claim for financial loss

We collated details of the financial losses Mr D incurred as a result of the accident and the injuries sustained. Luckily the losses were minimal but included his travel expenses to the hospital, as well as the damage to his glasses which were scratched when his face hit the floor.

Settlement offer

Liability for the accident was accepted by the Defendant’s (construction company) insurers and our solicitors settled the claim for just under £3,500.

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