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Birth and maternity culture in England 2023

Our expert solicitors at Barcan+Kirby recently analysed the results of the 2022 Maternity Survey. The data revealed some significant and often shocking findings regarding birth and maternity culture in England....

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The rise in inheritance disputes

Inheritance disputes have increased by 37% since 2019. Whether this is because a global pandemic focused people’s minds on the need to have financial affairs in order or due to...

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Equality Act 2010: what’s changing?

The Equality Act 2010 will be amended after the Government published draft legislation that will affect those in England, Wales and Scotland. The proposed change, taking effect from 1st January...

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Case Studies

Case study: over £13,000 for pedestrian after trip on defective road surface

Our personal injury solicitors recently helped a pedestrian who sustained injuries as she tripped and fell on a defective road surface whilst crossing the road. Accident circumstances and injuries sustained...

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The law on surrogacy and parental responsibility

In the UK, if a couple or person wants to start a family using a surrogate, they should be aware of the legal way to become parent(s). What is surrogacy?...

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Menopause in the workplace: an employee’s guide

In a recent case, a woman sued her employer for menopause discrimination; a legal first. Maria Rooney, who was a social worker, claimed that her employer did not support her...

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Breastfeeding and returning to work: what are my rights?

With Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) covering 39 weeks (nine months), many mothers go back to work before their child turns one, and some of those will return to work whilst...

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Case Studies

Case study: settlement agreement and exit strategy after workplace dispute

Our employment law solicitors advised a company shareholder and director who needed help following a workplace dispute. Associate, Natalie Pring, helped him to negotiate a deal with the company, bringing...

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Case study: inheritance dispute between brothers in administration of their father’s estate

Our inheritance disputes solicitors recently advised a beneficiary who was unhappy with how his brother was administering their late father’s estate. Tension within the family Our client’s (Mr O) parents...

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Case study: inheritance dispute after non-executor took money from estate funds

Our inheritance disputes solicitors advised an executor on the terms of his father’s Will and on securing his interest in an unregistered property. As the case developed, our team discovered...

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Case Studies

Case study: £320,000 for misdiagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer

Our medical negligence solicitors acted for a client who developed inflammatory breast cancer after a hospital misdiagnosed her symptoms as fibroadenoma. Visits to GP with breast pain In May 2015,...

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Births outside marriage on the rise – what are the legal implications?

In the UK, the number of marriages that take place each year is a fairly consistent figure, reflecting the fact that it remains an important tradition in modern society. However,...

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