Pricing and Staff Information for Residential Conveyancing

Costs range from £1,175 plus VAT to £2,925 plus VAT. This is based on our fixed-price packages. Please see more details on pricing and disbursements below. The figures given also assume that the title to the property is ‘clean’, with no unusual difficulties. Should that prove not to be the case, we would discuss any likely additional cost when the issue emerges.

VAT is calculated at the rate applicable at the time the work is carried out. This is currently 20%.

Pricing is correct as of February 2024 and will be reviewed and updated every six months.

Price (excluding VAT)Sale freeholdSale leaseholdPurchase freeholdPurchase leasehold
Up to £300,000£1,175£1,475£1,300£1,575
£300,001 to £350,000£1,200£1,500£1,325£1,600
£350,001 to £400,000£1,225£1,525£1,375£1,625
£400,001 to £450,000£1,275£1,575£1,400£1,675
£450,001 to £500,000 £1,300£1,600£1,475£1,700
£500,001 to £600,000£1,375£1,725£1,500£1,775
£600,001 to £750,000£1,425£1,825£1,550£1,900
£750,001 to £800,000£1,475£1,875£1,675£1,925
£800,001 to £950,000£1,625£1,925£1,825£2,075
£950,001 to £1.2m£1,725£2,000£1,950£2,200
£1.2 m to £1.5m£1,875£2,275£2,075£2,425
£1.5 m to £2m£2,375£2,775£2,575£2,925

For purchases and sales above £2m: a conveyancer will discuss this with you upon enquiry.

Due to recent legislation surrounding Building and Fire Safety, we regret that we are currently unable to act on sales or purchases of leasehold flats in blocks which exceed 5 storeys or 11 metres in height. The new legislation has resulted in highly complex regulations and mortgage lender requirements, therefore we are pausing our work in this area whilst we await clarity from the government and mortgage lenders as to a way forward. Any fee estimates that we provide is given on the assumption that the property you are selling or buying does not fall within this category.

There are a range of factors that may or may not be relevant to your transaction which will increase the cost. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • New Build properties: additional £350 + VAT
  • Help to Buy (ISA) properties: additional £50 + VAT
  • Help to Buy (Equity) properties: additional £300 + VAT
  • Tenanted properties: additional £250 + VAT
  • Shared ownership: additional £350 + VAT
  • Probate sales: additional £100 + VAT
  • Bank transfer: additional £40 + VAT


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as Land Registry fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Searches are from £150 plus VAT to £350 plus VAT, whereas indemnity policies are from £20 plus VAT to £350 plus VAT. However, not all lenders accept these.

Stamp Duty or Land Tax (on purchase)

This depends on the purchase price of your property. You can calculate the amount you will need to pay by using HMRC’s website or if the property is located in Wales, by using the Welsh Revenue Authority’s website.

Land Registry

Land registry fees will depend on the value of the property. More information can be found here. Land Registry fees do not attract VAT.

Other costs

  • Acting for lender only: as per the scale fees set out above, minus £100
  • Freehold remortgage: £700 + VAT + redemption expenses
  • Leasehold remortgage: £800 + VAT + redemption expenses
  • Buy To Let remortgage: £900 + VAT + redemption expenses
  • Transfer of equity: £850+ VAT + redemption expenses
  • Transfer of equity and remortgage: £1,000 + VAT + redemption expenses
  • Equity release: £1,000 + VAT + redemption expenses
  • Matrimonial transfers: please get in touch for further details

Supplemental charges

There are several other potential supplemental charges that may or may not apply to your purchase, please get in touch for more information.

What is and is not normally included in our standard fee

On a purchase, we will normally:

  • Check on ownership and any known or likely problems with the property and the use to which it may be put. By agreement with you, this may include obtaining and reporting on various types of search including local authority, environmental, water and drainage, and mining searches
  • Reviewing documents and liaising with the other parties’ solicitors with relevant enquiries
  • Make recommendations where necessary regarding policies of indemnity insurance
  • Report to you on our findings regarding the property
  • Review and report to you on the terms of any mortgage offer, and report to your lender as required
  • Exchange contracts and complete the purchase
  • Carry out post-completion formalities to ensure the appropriate tax is paid and the property is registered in your name

We will not normally expect to be required to (although we can do so for an additional charge):

  • Deal with title defects or problems related to ownership or alterations made to the property
  • Engage in protracted negotiations with the seller

On a sale we will normally:

  • Prepare the sale contract and send it to the buyer’s solicitors
  • Respond to enquiries from the other party
  • Exchange contracts and complete the sale
  • Pay any money due to you and any mortgage lender

We will not normally expect to be required to (although we can do so for an additional charge):

  • Deal with any problems which emerge regarding your ownership of the property
  • Engage in protracted negotiations with the buyer


On average, a sale or purchase will take between six and 16 weeks but that depends to a great extent on whether the title is ‘clean’ and on the speed at which third parties (such as search providers or other parties involved in a chain) operate.

Registration of a purchase after it has completed can take on average anything between two to 12 months following delays experienced during lockdown by the Land Registry, depending on the type of transaction.

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Staff information

Staff information is correct as of January 2024 and will be reviewed and updated every six months. Click on each person’s name below to view their experience and hourly rate.

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