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Our new build solicitors in Bristol and South Gloucestershire have a wealth of experience in helping individuals buy new build properties.

New build homes are a great way to get on the property ladder, as well as an attractive choice for existing homeowners.

If you’re buying a new build, our specialist lawyers will help and advise you on the process from start to finish, from the moment you complete your reservation form through to your move-in date. You will have a dedicated member of our new build team handling the whole transaction.

Our new build services

In addition to advising on the purchase of a new build property, we can help you with numerous other conveyancing transactions, including:

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What is the process for buying a new build?

  1. Contact the development’s site office and calculate how much you can afford, taking into account your deposit, Stamp Duty* and legal fees.
  2. Find the property you wish to buy and pay the reservation fee; this is around £1,000 or £500 if you’re using Help to Buy.
  3. Instruct us as your solicitors and we will speak with the developer’s solicitor to obtain your property’s contract paperwork.
  4. Now you’ve paid your reservation fee and we’ve received your contract paperwork, we will begin the legal process of ordering your searches and raising enquiries on the title documents with the developer’s solicitor.
  5. Finalise your mortgage and Help to Buy (if applicable) with your mortgage broker to avoid the risk of delaying the conveyancing process and potentially missing your exchange deadline.
  6. Once we’re satisfied with your search results and replies to enquiries, and we’ve received your mortgage offer, we will be in a position to exchange. You will sign the contract and this is the point that both you and the developer are legally bound to complete.
  7. When purchasing a new build property, you’re often expected to exchange contracts within 28 days. If you’re selecting your home off plan, this may mean committing to the purchase before the property has been built and without actually having seen the home you’re buying.
  8. Once exchange takes place, a completion date will most likely be given upon notice. This could mean there may be a significant length of time between exchange and completion. We’ll provide you with updates and report to you on the documents. Before we exchange, be 100% sure you still want to go ahead; you can still pull out at this stage but you will forfeit your reservation fee.
  9. Transfer your deposit to your solicitor, ready for exchange of contracts. This is usually 10% of the purchase price, or 5%, if you’re using Help to Buy. Once we have exchanged contracts, you are legally bound to purchase your property. This will complete on either the agreed completion date or when the developer’s solicitor serve their 10 day notice that the property is fit for completion.
  10. Congratulations! Your solicitor or conveyancer will register the transfer of ownership, meaning you’re now a homeowner! Funds are transferred and you can collect the keys to your new home.

* You may be exempt from Stamp Duty if you’re a first-time buyer. We can advise you on this.

What’s the difference between a new build + an existing property?

  • New build homes tend to be bought from the developer, whereas existing properties are bought from existing owners.
  • The sale chain is much shorter with new build properties as you’re moving into a brand new property that’s never been occupied.
  • The benefit of a new build is that they are constructed to 21st century standards, with a 10 year new home warranty and so you’re less likely to come across the structural problems you would with an older property.
  • New builds can be cheaper to both purchase and run; government-backed schemes encourage the purchase of new builds and they also tend to be much more energy efficient, meaning your bills will be cheaper.

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Our new build expertise

It’s really important to instruct a specialist conveyancing solicitor as soon as your property is reserved. Our experienced new build lawyers will talk you through the house buying process and make you aware of the potential pitfalls of buying new build properties off plan.

Our specialist new build solicitors in Bristol and South Gloucestershire are available to advise on any aspect of new builds. We can advise you on contract terms for exchange, Land Registry requirements and arrangements for checking new builds prior to completion.

We also work closely with our residential property team.

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Our charges are transparent and we quote for all fees and disbursements up front, meaning that you’ll understand the full extent of your conveyancing charges from the very start.

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