Case study: dad denied contact with his child

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This Thursday marks World Child Contact Day, an annual event which highlights the difficulties faced by the many families who are affected by child residence and contact issues.

When parents separate, it can be difficult to reach an amicable agreement about childcare. It’s an emotionally charged time that can have a huge impact on the immediate and wider family, including grandparents.

As experienced family solicitors, we understand the impact of being denied contact with your child. But as the case study below demonstrates, we have the expertise to help you if you’re affected.

Case study: father denied contact with child

Our family law solicitors recently acted for a father who had been denied contact with his child.

The parents separated shortly after their son was born, but prior to this their relationship was difficult and characterised by addiction. The birth proved to be a turning point however, with both parents separately seeking help for their problems and the father successfully quitting heroin.

By the time their child reached two, the father had been clean from heroin for two years. He sought regular contact with his son, but his former partner struggled to disassociate our client with the man she had been in a relationship with. As such, she would only allow contact if she was present and not for more than an hour at a time.

The child’s mother repeatedly assured us that she would move forward if evidence of the father’s progress was provided, however negotiations broke down and court proceedings were issued.

Over the following two years, we were able to prove that the father’s family were able to supervise contact, that the father had tackled his heroin addiction and that his life lacked the chaos that it had four years previously.

As a result, our client’s contact with his son moved to a more conventional arrangement, including overnight stays and unsupervised visits, and the mother was given the reassurance she needed that her son was safe.

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