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For many couples, planning their family is a natural next step in their relationship. But if you’re considering alternative routes such as donor conception or surrogacy, knowing where to start from a legal point of view can seem daunting.

The UK is one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to assisted conception and fertility law. You therefore have plenty of options when it comes to creating and protecting your family.

Our family planning and fertility law expertise

If you’re planning a family through surrogacy or with the help of a donor, our specialist fertility law solicitors can provide expert, individual advice. We understand the complexities of modern fertility law and can offer support and guidance throughout the process whilst also working to protect your interests.

Surrogacy and surrogacy disputes

Surrogacy has become an increasingly viable option for those wanting to start a family, but surrogacy arrangements rely heavily on trust.

The surrogate mother trusts that the child she is carrying will be looked after by the intended parents, while the parents trust that the surrogate will transfer her parental rights after the birth. For surrogacy to work in each parties’ favour, communication is key.

Whether you are considering using a surrogate to start your family, or you’re a surrogate mother, it’s important to seek specialist legal advice from a surrogacy solicitor as early as possible. Our specialist surrogacy lawyers can advise you on all aspects of UK and international surrogacy, including surrogacy disputes should an agreement break down.

Donor conception

For lesbian couples, artificial insemination using donor sperm is a popular route to parenthood. In the UK, same-sex couples have two options for donor conception: using sperm donated through a HFEA licensed clinic, or by insemination at home.

What many couples do not know, however, is that your legal parenthood depends on your relationship status and chosen method of donor conception. The law around donor conception is therefore complex, however, our donor conception solicitors can provide expert advice and guide you through the process.

Parental Orders

If you have chosen surrogacy as your route to parenthood, as intended parents, you will need to apply to the court for a Parental Order. Once the baby is born, a Parental Order legally transfers parentage from the surrogate mother to the intended parent/s. Our specialist family solicitors can advise you in applying for a Parental Order and ensure that your child’s parentage is legally recognised.

Prenuptial and pre-partnership arrangements

If you’re planning to formalise your relationship through a civil partnership or marriage, our family law solicitors can advise you on setting up a prenup, postnup or pre-partnership agreement.

Thinking of starting a family? Contact our fertility law solicitors in Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Fertility law can be complex, but that should not mean that your family planning is put on hold. Our specialist fertility lawyers can advise you on your journey to parenthood, whether that’s via surrogacy or donor conception.

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