Pricing and Staff Information for Employment Tribunals

Costs range from £175 plus VAT up to £50,000 plus VAT and disbursements.

We have estimated disbursements (including Counsel’s fees) from £0 to £15,000. VAT is calculated at the rate applicable at the time the work is carried out; this is currently 20%. Such disbursements include Counsel’s fees, expert fees and travel/witness expenses.

These price indications are based on cases dealt with by the firm from January 2017 to April 2021, and prices are based on our hourly rates.

Staff information

Pricing and staff information is correct as of April 2022 and will be reviewed and updated every six months. Click on each person’s name below to view their experience and hourly rate.

What our fees include

Within these fees, we would normally:

  • Take initial instructions to understands the nature of your dispute
  • Make contact with your employer, or the appropriate party, to set out your position
  • Attempt to negotiate a settlement with your employer either in correspondence or by some form of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation
  • Make an application for Early Conciliation
  • Represent you during the Early Conciliation Process
  • Negotiate and liaise with the relevant parties during the Early Conciliation Process
  • Draft the necessary Settlement Agreement/COT3 as appropriate
  • Advise upon any Settlement Agreement/COT3
  • Negotiate any Settlement Agreement/COT3 offered
  • If a settlement cannot be achieved, draft for approval and signature by you, appropriate documents to allow the claim to be commenced in the Employment Tribunal
  • Issue your claim in the Tribunal
  • Accept documents from appropriate parties on your behalf
  • Attend as required by the Tribunal any preliminary hearings
  • Agree with you whether any expert evidence would be needed and, if so, agree a suitable expert and prepare instructions to the expert and liaise with that expert
  • Consider and advise you on any expert evidence received
  • Agree with you whether a barrister should be instructed and if so, agree with you a suitable barrister and prepare instructions to, and liaise with, that barrister
  • Arrange and attend any conferences needed with any expert or barrister
  • Keep you informed of progress throughout and advise you on developments
  • Advise you on any offers received or offers we would recommend you should make
  • Prepare for and represent you at (including where appropriate arranging representation by a barrister at) any final hearing


The time taken depends on the attitude of the other side to the case. If a case can be negotiated swiftly, it may, on average, take between three and 12 weeks.

Tribunal proceedings must be issued within three months of the potential breach if a settlement cannot be negotiated before that date. If a case runs all the way through to a contested hearing, it may take up to 18 months from issue of the Claim Form.


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