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Being dismissed from your job is stressful enough, but it’s particularly hard if you feel your dismissal is unfair or if you’ve been forced to resign following a dispute.

As an employee, your employment rights are protected, including your right not to be dismissed unfairly. However, your employer also has rights. They can terminate your contract with or without notice, assuming their reasons are valid, justifiable and they act reasonably in the circumstances.

What constitutes an unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal claim?

Unfair dismissal

If there isn’t a good reason for dismissing you, or your employer has failed to follow a formal disciplinary or dismissal process, you may be able to make an unfair dismissal claim.

An example of unfair dismissal would be when your role was terminated due to you taking maternity leave, or for health and safety reasons.

Constructive dismissal

If you’ve been forced to resign from your position because your employer has been in breach of their contract, or if you’ve left due to harassment or bullying in the workplace, you may still have a claim. This is what is known as a ‘constructive dismissal’ claim.

Examples of a constructive dismissal claim are when you’ve been forced to accept unreasonable changes to your shift pattern, or if you’ve been demoted without good reason.

If you believe that you have been dismissed from your employment without good reason, you should contact a specialist employment solicitor as soon as possible.

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