Disciplinary Procedure for Employees

Being disciplined and appearing before your employer at a disciplinary hearing can be unpleasant and nerve-wracking, and is something that can seem incredibly daunting.

Our employment solicitors have the expertise to advise and walk you through the disciplinary processes. We will ensure that you feel prepared and confident to present your case and negotiations to your employer. Our disciplinary procedure solicitors will advise you on dealing effectively with any disciplinary action you may face, and can assist with representations you wish to make, as well as any appeal process.

When an employer disciplines an employee they are legally required to follow established disciplinary procedures. If they do not follow certain processes then the process may be unfair and you may have a right to bring a claim against them. We can explore this with you and give you guidance in all disciplinary matters.

Disciplinary procedure FAQs

Where can I find my employer’s disciplinary procedure?

All employers are required to include details of (or disclose where to find them, i.e. staff intranet or handbook) any disciplinary procedures in the written statement of terms and conditions given to you before or once you start your employment.

Can someone accompany me to my disciplinary hearing?

As an employee, you have a statutory right to be accompanied at disciplinary meetings where the meeting could result in a formal warning being issued, disciplinary action being taken i.e. suspension, or an appeal hearing.

You do not have the right to be accompanied at informal meetings or fact-finding meetings unless outlined in your employer’s procedure.

Your companion can be a colleague, a trade union representative (who is not employed by the union but has been certified as competent) or an employed official of a trade union.

If you wish to be accompanied, you must make a request first, be that in writing or verbally.

Contact our disciplinary procedure solicitors

Our specialist disciplinary procedure solicitors can help you to prepare for a disciplinary hearing. We can also as advise on grievance, unfair dismissal and whistleblowing.

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