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Remortgage Conveyancing Solicitor

To remortgage your property, you’ll need to appoint a remortgage solicitor to manage the legal aspects of the transaction.

A remortgage is simply the process of moving your mortgage from one lender to another. There are many reasons to consider a remortgage or refinancing mortgage, such as switching to a new lender to get a better mortgage interest rate or to release equity held in your property.

We believe that effective communication is the key to a straightforward remortgage transaction. Your case will be managed by one experienced conveyancing lawyer who’ll oversee the process and provide regular updates throughout.

They’ll request the title deeds and mortgage redemption statement from your current lender. They’ll also check the terms of your new mortgage offer and carry out the searches.

When we’re ready to complete, we’ll receive the funds from your new lender and discharge your current mortgage. We’ll also amend your title deeds with the Land Registry.

Further information

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