Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme

In 2023, we launched our Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme.

The programme will prepare apprentices for the Solicitors Qualifying Exams (SQE 1 and SQE 2) which were introduced in September 2021 as the new route to qualifying as a Solicitor.

Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship roles will be advertised on our vacancies page.

Who is the Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme for?

The Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship is a 27-month programme designed for budding lawyers who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree in Law (or any subject, provided the candidate has completed the 20-week programme required by the apprenticeship).

The Apprenticeship Programme will prepare apprentices for the Solicitors Qualifying Exams (SQE 1 and SQE 2).

Upon successful completion, apprentices will become fully qualified solicitors.

What is included in the Apprenticeship Programme?

The programme will consist of 80% work in one department and 20% study and training (known as ‘off-the-job’ training).

The Apprenticeship is delivered by blended learning via The University of Law which will assign a subject tutor and a skills coach to provide guidance and support.

There will be a particular focus on:

  • The skills of interviewing
  • Advocacy
  • Case and matter analysis
  • Legal research
  • Legal writing and drafting

The Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship provides immediate direct exposure to a range of live cases, giving the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in a specific department.

Apprentices will receive mentoring from senior colleagues and a supportive team in the chosen department.

The benefits of specialising in one area of law

We asked our employees about their experience of specialising in one department:

“If you know what area of law you want to specialise in, then doing the Graduate Apprentice Programme is undoubtedly the best option for you.

You benefit from being far better prepared for qualification as opposed to doing a training contract because you can remain in the department for the duration of your training as opposed to changing departments every 6 months.

At university, you are (quite frustratingly) only really told about the training contract route to qualification. I am often told by the QFEs I work with that, had they known this route was an option when they were training, they would have chosen to do it over the training contract route!

Joining the Graduate Apprentice Programme at Barcan+Kirby as opposed to any other firm means that you will benefit from an incredibly nurturing and supportive team and firm-wide culture who will prioritise your training and progression, and ensure that you have a healthy work-life-study balance which is very rare in the legal job market.”

Sinead Dangerfield | Solicitor

“Whilst at university, I was only made aware of the training contract route to qualification, which would have required me to take a year away from work to complete the Solicitors’ Qualifying Examination (SQE) or Legal Practice Course (LPC). The Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship gives the perfect opportunity to work towards the SQE whilst still gaining valuable hands-on experience and preventing the need for a career break.

Barcan+Kirby has a great culture and provides a supportive environment to all employees. I am excited to be on my qualification journey with such friendly and approachable colleagues who are enthusiastic about my progression and development as an apprentice.”

Lucy Amos | Graduate Apprentice Solicitor

How to apply for a Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship

All Graduate vacancies will be advertised on our vacancies page. We will also update our social media pages with new vacancies as soon as they are released.