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Orthopaedic surgery compensation claims

One expert that many of us will come into contact with during our lifetime is an orthopaedic doctor or surgeon.

Orthopaedics covers numerous types of injuries and diseases, ranging from broken bones through to osteoarthritis and surgical replacement of joints.

Types of orthopaedic claims

There are two main types of orthopaedic claim – missed fractures and surgical errors.

Diagnosing a fracture is normally straightforward and most fractures heal successfully without any long-term implications. But whilst thousands of us are treated for fractures each year, mistakes can happen due to inadequate checks, an inexperienced doctor or the fracture being hard to locate.

As well as missed fractures, orthopaedic injury claims may arise when orthopaedic surgery is not performed correctly.

Client story | £267,000 settlement for missed fracture

Client story | Negligence settlement for hip replacement patient

Client story | £115,000 following knee replacement surgery

A commonly performed type of orthopaedic surgery is knee and hip replacement, used to resolve pain and restricted mobility. However if the replacement joint isn’t inserted correctly or is the wrong size, you will need further surgery to resolve the problem.

This can lead to nerve damage, long-term pain and – in more serious cases – loss of mobility.

Further information

Our medical negligence solicitors pursue claims arising from medical malpractice and clinical negligence.

To speak to a specialist orthopaedic solicitor about a claim for a missed fracture, hip or knee replacement failure or any other orthopaedic condition, call us on 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.

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