Compartment Syndrome Claims

If you’ve suffered complications due to delayed diagnosis or treatment of compartment syndrome, our specialist medical negligence solicitors may be able to help you claim compensation.

Compartment syndrome occurs when the nerves and blood vessels are compressed within a muscle department, leading to impaired blood flow. Failure to identify and treat compartment syndrome can lead to severe and permanent damage to the muscles and nerves.

Client story | £50,000 damages for compartment syndrome after knee surgery

Compartment Syndrome can develop quickly after an injury has been sustained and can occur in the arm, leg, foot and abdomen. Whilst a fracture or crush injury are the most likely causes of compartment syndrome, some patients also develop it following surgery.

It can also occur from external compression (i.e. bandages or a plaster cast that is too tight) or internal compression (such as internal bleeding).

Compartment syndrome FAQs

Symptoms of Compartment Syndrome include severe pain and paleness of skin in the affected limb, weakness and decreased sensation/numbness. The skin over the compartment may also be swollen and shiny.

If diagnosed quickly, the prognosis for recovery of the muscles and nerves within the compartment is good. However severe cases may require fasciotomy surgery to improve blood flow and prevent development of a permanent disability. This involves an incision being made in the fascia to release the pressure with the wound being left open for several days. Further surgery is required to close the wound and a skin graft may be required.

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Making a claim for compartment syndrome

Most claims for compartment syndrome are due to delayed diagnosis, or to a delay in treatment once diagnosed.

If you’ve suffered compartment syndrome due to medical malpractice or you’re considering a claim for pain, disability or scarring caused by compartment syndrome, our specialist medical negligence lawyers can advise you.

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