Business Terms and Conditions

Bespoke T+Cs documentation for your company

Whatever your area of business, properly drafted terms and conditions should form the basis of all your company’s commercial activities.

Whether it’s drafting your terms and conditions from scratch or reviewing your existing paperwork, our expert commercial lawyers can draw on their years of experience to recognise potential pitfalls and make recommendations which will help protect your business interests.

Why do companies need terms and conditions?

Specifying your terms and conditions in writing means you avoid uncertainty and misunderstandings.

Terms and conditions allow each party to understand their rights and obligations, for example payment terms, liability provisions and how to end the arrangement, which is vital in case of a dispute.

When companies provide products or services on a day-to-day basis, it isn’t practical to ask the customer to sign a lengthy bespoke contract for each transaction or arrangement.

Using standard terms instead of a specific contract for each transaction saves time and money. It also ensures that your company carries out business in a consistent way and helps avoid lengthy negotiations.

Why should I get legal advice on my terms and conditions?

The temptation can be to copy terms and conditions from the internet, or even to ‘borrow’ a competitor’s standard terms as a template for your own.

Both of these solutions are fast and easy, but carry with them risks as they are unlikely to reflect the needs of your business (for example, whether your customer is a business or consumer). These are risks which you won’t be able to guard against later if you get into a legal dispute with a customer or supplier.

This is why instructing a company commercial solicitor to help with your terms and conditions can be a decision that pays dividends in the long run.

If you have questions about your terms and conditions or you’re looking for a legal expert to review them, our company commercial solicitors are here to help.

We can tailor our review or advice and offer competitive rates or fee structures to suit your needs.

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