Removing a Director from a Company

Directors are responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. As a shareholder, you may not be satisfied with the way that they are performing, or you may have fundamental differences about the way the business should be run. You may, therefore, wish to remove a director.

How to remove a director

Prior to taking any steps to dismiss a director, you will need to consider their employment rights and whether you need to appoint a new director.

Your process for removing a director will be found in the company’s Articles of Association, the director’s service contract and the Companies Act 2006.

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You will need to comply with the requirements to give the director the correct notice and ensure you follow the correct procedure.

Seek specialist legal advice

These steps can be complex and if not followed correctly, the removal of the director may be voided. By seeking legal advice early from a commercial dispute solicitor, you can ensure that the correct procedure is followed. A specialist lawyer can also ensure that you do not expose yourself to an employment claim by the departing director.

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