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Your employment contract is a hugely important document. It underpins the entire employee-employer relationship and precisely outlines the extent of your respective rights, duties and obligations to each other.

Most jobs come with an employment contract and it’s important that it’s correctly drafted. To dismiss your employment terms as ‘standard’ is both short-sighted and ill-advised. Instead you should read your contract thoroughly to ensure that you fully understand exactly what you’re being asked to sign.

There are numerous employment contract issues that you could face throughout your working life, from reviewing a new contract, negotiating an existing one or preparing an exit strategy.

In fact, employment contract issues are most likely to arise when an employer wants to change the terms of a contract – usually as a result of an event, such as a business being brought, sold or merged.

Whatever your situation, our employment solicitors are experts in contract law. We’ll review your employment contract, identify areas of concern and make sure it meets all legal requirements.

We can also help you negotiate more favourable terms, including your salary package, bonus, profit sharing and other benefits, such as your holiday allowance, health insurance and inclusion of any restrictive covenants.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding your contract, you need to speak to an expert in employment contract law.

For help and advice on reviewing, negotiating or exiting your employment contract, call 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.

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