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As a regional firm, the community within which we operate is integral to the way in which we do business.

So we’re pleased to announce that we’re supporting Bedminster’s BID (Business Improvement District) proposal by providing them with legal advice and practical support on a pro bono (‘fee free’) basis.

Within a BID (Business Improvement District), businesses pay an additional fee to fund improvements to their trading environment. In the case of Bedminster, this area applies to North Street, East Street and West Street.

BID projects focus on creating a better experience for anyone living, working or visiting the district. It also aims to increase retail footfall and improve the appeal of the area through a range of greening and decorative areas.

Legal advice to the BID team is being coordinated by commercial solicitor Matthew Martin.

In support of work being done by Bedminster’s town team, we’ve provided specialist advice in preparing a bespoke company, registered at Companies House. We’ve also been on hand to answer any legal queries the town team have had in respect of driving the BID proposal forward.

Why are we doing this?

As a firm, we have a vested interest in preserving the independent trading future of Bedminster. However, and of equal importance, we also believe that we can use our legal expertise to ‘give something back’ to the communities within which we operate.

Chris Miller, Managing Partner, says of the BID proposal:

“As a Bristol firm with a North Street office, we wholeheartedly support the town team in developing their vision for the retail area.

Much can be achieved when we work together to draw upon each other’s skills and expertise, and we’re delighted that our services can be put to good use for the benefit of the local community.

It’s a pleasure to see so many local groups collaborating on this BID proposal. It’s an excellent opportunity for traders, small businesses and residents to come together in pursuit of a common goal; a healthy and vibrant Bedminster, with a secure and stable future.”

Further information

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If you’d like to know more about Bedminster’s town team and their BID proposal, visit their website.


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