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Trespassing can take many forms and range from someone entering your grounds without permission, squatting in your commercial or residential property.

Sometimes, trespass incidents cannot be resolved as easily as you’d hope and it results in serious issues for you, your business and even neighbouring properties.

Our commercial trespass expertise

Our commercial property dispute solicitors are experienced in acting on behalf of commercial clients on trespass matters. In terms of a solution, there are various options which we can advise you on.

Possession order

Trespass can occur where someone occupies your premises without your permission (‘squatting’). In cases involving commercial premises, bailiffs can be instructed to evict the occupier; unlike residential premises where there is not protection.

However, it is often the preferable option to seek possession through the Courts. You may, therefore, need to issue possession proceedings against those occupiers, if you know who they are. If you do not know who they are, you can bring proceedings against ‘persons unknown’.

These proceedings can be time sensitive, especially if an interim possession order is required, whereby the trespasser is not put on notice.

Possession order fees

Once our solicitors have all the necessary information, we are likely to be able to offer a fixed-fee agreement in respect of possession from a squatter. We will go through this with you in more detail during your initial meeting.


Trespass can also occur where someone is occupying or using only part of your land (as opposed to all it), without your permission. In this instance a possession order will not be appropriate. However, an injunction may be.

Injunctions are court orders to do or stop doing an act. For example, if someone keeps intruding on your land in order to get to someone else’s without your permission, you neighbour has erected a wall or is building on your land without your permission. If so, you may be able to apply for an injunction which prevents them from continuing to do so.

Injunctions are down to the court’s discretion, however, so it’s important to remember it varies from case to case. Additionally, injunctions can be time sensitive. You should therefore seek immediate advice from a specialist solicitor on any potential trespass.

Damages as a result of trespass

Compensation or damages is most appropriate in cases where the trespass has resulted in financial loss and/or an injunction is inappropriate

In some cases, the court will award nominal damages where there has been a trespass but you didn’t suffer any actual financial loss.

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