Pricing and Staff Information for Probate

Prices range from £1,250 plus VAT to £48,000 plus VAT. These prices are based on our hourly rates and on any value element agreed, and are based on work carried out by Barcan+Kirby between 2021 and 2022. VAT is calculated at the rate applicable at the time the work is carried out; this is currently 20%.

If required, we can also offer a fixed-fee service for estate administration and our grant only service. Our fees for a grant only service start from £1,875 plus VAT.

There are many different aspects that may affect the cost of an estate administration, including whether the deceased was intestate or not, the number of beneficiaries and their ages and the number and value of the assets.


We have estimated disbursements from £0 to £1,000. Such disbursements include court fees, statutory notices and searches. VAT is not payable on court fees but is due at the rate of 20% on all other likely disbursements.

Not included are expenses incurred by the estate, for example, for house clearance, agent fees, property transfer or other liabilities of the estate.

What is and is not included in our fees

Included in these fees are the costs associated with:

  • Meeting with you to understand the nature of the estate and to advise you on steps needed to be taken
  • Establishing the value of the estate, including establishing any liabilities
  • Arranging for personal belongings to be valued
  • Calculating (if necessary with expert assistance from, for example, tax accountants or barristers) the tax position
  • Investigating and advising on any available tax reliefs that may be available
  • Preparing the appropriate Legal Statement for executors/administrators
  • Preparing the necessary Inheritance tax returns
  • Securing the property and ensuring that insurance is in place
  • Arranging the funeral
  • Arranging for payment of tax
  • Notifying creditors
  • Applying for a grant of probate or letters of administration
  • Selling or collecting in all assets
  • Settling all liabilities
  • Obtaining bankruptcy searches for beneficiaries
  • Preparing estate accounts
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

Not included in these fees are the cost associated with:

  • Disputes
  • Preparing other tax returns
  • House clearance
  • Varying the terms of the Will/intestacy
  • Investigating the family tree for intestate estates
  • Finding missing beneficiaries
  • Selling any buildings/land
  • Administering a trust
  • Placing Trustee Act Notices

Staff information

Pricing and staff information is correct as of January 2024 and will be reviewed and updated every six months. Click on each person’s name below to view their experience and hourly rate.


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    • “I dealt with Barcan+Kirby for an unexpected inheritance from a dear friend of mine. I have to say if it wasn’t for their support, advice and service given, it would have been a very difficult situation to deal with for me. They not only took over in dealing with selling a property and everything to do with the estate was run but they even helped me with finding an Independent Financial Adviser so that I could make some wise decisions on what to do with such an unexpected sum of money.

      I now have everything sorted thanks to their team and they have been warm, responsive, and just a pleasure to deal with. They feel like a 'family' type of firm which I think really sets them apart from the rest."
      Jean CooleProbate + Estate Administration
    • "I met you (Anna Molter) briefly at the Thornbury BRACE event and you were so lovely that when I needed to contact a solicitor about a possible probate issue, I contacted Barcan+Kirby.

      You are a brilliant representative of your company, and I wanted to say thank you so much. I will definitely be in touch when I need help."
      AnonProbate + Estate Administration Client