Spring Statement 2022: how it affects employment and housing

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With increasing fuel prices and concerns over the rising cost of living, yesterday’s Spring Statement was highly anticipated by businesses and families alike. So what has Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, got planned to help the UK get through the next few months?

The Chancellor’s Spring Statement was heavily focused on the conflict in Ukraine and he paid tribute to all of those affected. He also predicted that the most significant impact of the war in Ukraine for the UK would likely be the rising cost of living.

Goods and energy prices have already increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) predicts inflation will hit 7.4% by the end of the year.


Energy-saving initiatives for homeowners

Sunak announced that homeowners will pay 0% VAT on energy-saving materials, such as solar panels or heat pumps, for the next five years.

This is welcome news for homeowners who want to make their properties as energy-efficient as possible. The initial cost of installing solar panels or carrying out work to make a home eco-friendly can be overwhelming, and despite the long-term benefits and savings, many homeowners are put off from doing so.

This VAT reduction could make a huge difference for existing property owners and also first-time buyers seeking a more environmentally friendly way of life.

The housing market has been booming in recent months, despite the end of the Stamp Duty holiday, so we could well see an increase in those wanting to buy new builds in particular.

Of course, the negative of an increase in homeowners wanting to make energy-efficient improvements is that this could, in turn, lead to an increase in claims for property disputes. Whether that’s objections from neighbours, right of way disputes, or claims against builders.

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National Insurance and Income Tax payments to be reduced

The Chancellor announced the threshold for the amount people earn before they pay National Insurance will rise. From July, employees will be able to earn £12,570 a year without paying any income tax or National Insurance.

The basic rate of Income Tax will also be cut from 20p to 19p per pound.

Employment training

As part of the Government’s new tax plan, employment training in the private sector could be introduced. The Government will assess whether the apprenticeship levy, introduced in 2017 to pay for skills training, is doing enough to bring in new recruits to the private sector.

Employment Allowance increase for businesses

In two weeks’ time, the Employment Allowance will increase to £5,000 for small businesses. This is a tax cut worth up to £1,000 for half a million businesses.

The reduction in National Insurance and Income Tax is, of course, a good thing for employees. With the rising cost of living, any way to save money will be welcome.

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