Supplemental Charges

These legal charges are an estimate of our fees and assume that your transaction proceeds in the normal way. However, in certain cases, there are additional tasks that need to be performed to allow the matter to proceed to completion. If that is the case, the relevant supplemental charge will be applied.

Notifying you of extra charges

The charges below are minimum figures. If, for any reason, the particular issue is more complicated than might be expected, the charge may be increased. However, your conveyancing solicitor will notify you of this at the time, and if there is no other figure indicated, then this minimum charge will apply.

Additional telegraphic transfer (TT) fees

There is no additional charge for the redemption of your basic (first) mortgage where you have one, except if there are additional telegraphic transfer fees for the rate shown if it is appropriate to redeem the mortgage by telegraphic transfer and you wish us to send net sale proceeds to you by the same means.

Acting for your mortgage lender

There is no additional charge for acting on behalf of your mortgage lender unless there are very exceptional circumstances because of their requirements, or if we are having to liaise with other solicitors or administrators in relation to that mortgage.

Likewise, there is no charge for completing the normal Stamp Duty Land Tax application and the Land Registry application, even in the case of first registration.

If your transaction does not complete

If your matter does not complete, our terms and conditions will apply and there is a minimum fee in these circumstances of £150 + VAT.

Supplemental charges

All charges are exclusive of VAT, currently 20%.

Bank transfer fee (per fee)£40
Copy entries (per fee)£6
Where the property is unregistered£100
Probate sale£100
Auction sale£100
Auction purchase

Review of auction pack before instructions to purchase
First registration of legal title

If a title is currently unregistered and has to be registered to assist with the sale or to suit the requirements of the purchaser and their mortgagee, plus the applicable Land Registry fee
Updating or upgrading the present title

Please note, a Land Registry fee may also be required according to the type of application
Where we are acting for you under a Power of Attorney, Deputy Order, Trustees or other representative capacity£150
Where you require us to write to or telephone more than one purchaser at separate addresses (whether by post or by email)

It is assumed the normal level of reporting is involved. Or dealing with an additional third party, such as two sets of solicitors/Housing Association
If there is a second charge or other claim upon the property requiring additional correspondence and redemption

Per charge or claim, whether or not protected by notice or restriction on a registered title
Receiving instructions in relation to a second mortgage or other loan linked to the purchase, checking loan terms and advising in connection with the same and complying with the Lenders requirements including draw down of funds, preparing Deed of Postponement use on completion and registering security as required.

The fee is per mortgage or loan
Checking and advising in relation to any revised mortgage offer received from your mortgage lender after the initial instruction and a mortgage offer has been received£100
Advising you in respect of any Deed of Trust and the preparation thereof for signing by the parties

(This is a minimum fee, extra complexity will increase this charge)
From £500
In complying with money laundering regulations in respect of purchase money “gifted” to you (to include checking of Giftor’s identity, source of funds and satisfying any mortgage lender’s requirements applicable)

Fee per giftor
The preparation of a normal Statutory Declaration

For example, in a sale, to confirm long user or access, or in a purchase where the Seller will not supply this, and/or perhaps required in support of an indemnity policy
A Declaration in support of a title

For example, where title deeds are missing will be a rather different fee based on time spent. This is a minimum figure
If it is agreed access is to be allowed to the property prior to completion

For example, for works and/or decoration to be carried out to allow the purchasers mortgage to be drawn down, or for the purpose of storage, for negotiation, preparation and obtaining of suitable key undertaking
Agreeing the terms of a Licence to Occupy£60
Obtaining indemnity policies for a sale

If agreed, appropriate providing the buyer with an indemnity insurance policy, e.g. for missing title papers, breach of restrictive covenant, absence of easement, good leasehold title, lack of planning permission and/or building regulations approval, Insolvency Act. These examples are not exhaustive.
£75 (per policy plus the applicable policy premium)
Obtaining indemnity policies for a purchase

In conjunction with the sellers side or otherwise obtaining an indemnity insurance policy required for the transaction (e.g. as to title issue, breach of restrictive covenant, absence of easement, Insolvency Act, lack of planning permission and/or building regulations approval. These examples are not exhaustive.
Bespoke indemnity policies£200
If communication or appointments are required by you outside of our usual business hours (and if this is agreed with the person handling the matter)Hourly rate
Correspondence per item in obtaining the signature of any other occupiers to the property to the sale contract or any other necessary documentation£60
Where a property is tenanted in dealing with the related additional elements of rent, rent deposit etc.

Where this was not apparent or known and allowed for in the original figures discussed).
Where the property to be purchased (or remortgaged) is a New Build

Where this was not apparent or known and allowed for in the original figures discussed)
Where the property to be purchased is acquired with the assistance of one of the Help to Buy Schemes (where this was not apparent or known and allowed for in the original figures discussed):
If a restriction has to be registered to protect an interest£50 per registration
Purchase of the freehold£500
If the property is freehold but also involves a management company£100
If the property being purchased (or re-mortgaged) is in shared ownership or in a staircasing format (where this was not apparent or known and allowed for in the original figures discussed)£350
If the property has solar panels installedFrom £175
Splitting a property into two titles

Where you are splitting up your freehold property into two to sell or transfer part of your property we will need to create a new title to the partitioned land
From £495
Reconstruction of title

Where deeds or documents have been lost and we need to reconstruct the title to the property
From £750
Simultaneous exchange and completion

We do not recommend a simultaneous exchange and completion because of uncertainty and disruption. We require a minimum of four working days between exchange and completion, for example, exchange on a Monday and complete the following Friday.

A charge applies where you instruct us to do exchange and complete simultaneously or within four working days.
In complying with Money Laundering requirements in respect of the sale proceeds (if your instructions are to make payment to any other person, including checking relevant identification material)£60
Priority transaction

If your transaction is or becomes urgent, thereby requiring priority work, there will be an additional charge.

This will be calculated by reference to your individual circumstances. You will be advised of the additional charge in advance of completion.
From £300
General unexpected complexity fee

This applies as and when a particular issue arises that is outside the scope of a standard transaction. We will update you if it becomes more complex or protracted.
Matrimonial transfer fees
Transferor with no mortgage£500
Transferor with mortgage£550
Transferee with no mortgage and no financial consideration£600
Transferee with no mortgage and some financial consideration£750
Existing lender£850
With a remortgage (new lender)£925
Approving TR1£250



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