Men: don’t suffer domestic abuse in silence

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It’s a common misconception that domestic abuse is a women’s issue. Men can experience domestic abuse in exactly the same way women can, and it can take many forms: physical, psychological, sexual, financial or emotional to name a few.

Yet, because male domestic abuse is not widely discussed and there are fewer support services available to men, they often suffer in silence. Many men worry that their friends and family won’t believe them if they say they’re experiencing domestic abuse.

What legal help is available for victims of domestic abuse?

Our specialist domestic abuse solicitors have acted for male victims of domestic abuse and violence before, so we know that there are legal options available to them, even if the police and other public services are unable to help.

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Men seeking legal assistance to stop domestic abuse come to us via a variety of routes, for a variety of reasons. Most just want the abuse to stop – in which case a non-molestation order is often the way forward.

Non-molestation order

A non-molestation order is an injunction from the court which your solicitor can apply for on your behalf. It prevents your partner not only from using violence against you, but also from threatening, harassing or intimidating you (or your child). A non-molestation order can also prevent your partner from entering your property or the area around it.

If your partner breaks the terms of the order, they can be remanded in custody by police, even if they haven’t committed a specific crime. You can also take them back to court for breaching the order, where further penalties and restrictions may be imposed on them.

Occupation order

In addition to a non-molestation order, your solicitor can also advise you on how to apply for an occupation order against an abusive partner. An occupation order is useful if you’re still living with your partner and they have a legal right to occupy the property.

The court can make orders about who can live in the property and require an abusive partner to leave if it decides there is a risk of harm to you, or your children, if you remain living together.

Further information

If you are or have been a victim of domestic abuse, whatever your gender, don’t suffer in silence. To discuss your legal options for protecting yourself from domestic abuse with a solicitor in Bristol, call 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.


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