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Grandparents’ rights

As a grandparent, do you have a legal right to contact with your grandchildren?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no; as a grandparent your legal rights are limited. Normally only your grandchild’s parents get to decide who has access to them and when.

However, if one or both parents are stopping you seeing your grandchildren, there are several legal options available that allow you to request access.

Grandparent visitation rights

If you’re being unfairly denied access to your grandchild, it’s important that you speak to a specialist family law solicitor. We’ll examine your case and look at the options available to you before court action becomes necessary.

If you’re unable to find a solution, it will be down to the court to ultimately decide whether it is in your grandchild’s best interest to have contact with you. We can help you apply to the family courts for a Child Arrangements Order – this will determine what level of contact you and grandchild can have.

However, court intervention is costly and offers no guarantees; you should make sure that you’ve exhausted all other options before going down this route.

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Grandparent mediation

Of course, the best way to see your grandchildren can often be to maintain positive relationships with one or both of their parents.

Going to court can be a long and difficult process for grandparents, parents and children. For this reason, where appropriate, we offer mediation services to help our clients resolve grandchild contact issues outside of the courtroom.

Our trained mediators will work with you and your grandchild’s parents or current guardian in order to help reach an agreement.

We can meet each of you separately or all together – whichever you prefer.

Applying for grandparent custody

If you want to apply for custody of your grandchild we can advise you of your rights and help you request permission from the courts.

Again, when the courts consider your application, they will make their decision based on what is best for your grandchild’s welfare.

They will look at the child’s existing relationship with their grandparent as well as the impact that a custody dispute would have on your grandchild’s overall well-being.

How we can help

If you’re a grandparent and you’re worried about contact with your grandchildren, call our family solicitors in Bristol on 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation and fixed fees so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay from the start.

What are my rights to see my grandchildren?

If you’ve been denied contact or you’re worried about losing contact with your grandchildren, what rights do you have?

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