Case study: £70,000 for delay in diagnosing compartment syndrome

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Our medical negligence solicitors recently acted for a man who suffered from significant nerve damage after a hospital failed to identify and diagnose compartment syndrome.

Admission to hospital for vascular changes

Our client, Mr H, was admitted to hospital after suffering from vascular changes in his right leg. He had been experiencing increasing episodes of coolness and loss of sensation in his right foot.

On admission to the hospital, Mr H was found to have a blood clot and underwent surgery to remove it. He required a stent to be placed. Unfortunately, non negligently, the stent became misplaced but was re-sited quickly with further surgery

Client told of ‘risk’ of compartment syndrome

Immediately following surgery, the surgeon noted that compartment syndrome was a real risk for our client. That evening, Mr H began experiencing significant pain in his calf and reported this to the nurse. This continued over several days where, despite significant amounts of pain relief, his pain did not subside.

Ultimately, it was confirmed that our client had compartment syndrome and fasciotomies (a surgical procedure that relieves tension or pressure in order to treat a loss of circulation to an area of tissue or muscle) were performed.

Significant nerve damage after a delay in diagnosis

Unfortunately, as a result of the delay in identifying compartment syndrome, Mr H suffered from significant nerve damage in his right leg meaning that he had difficulty walking for any distance and his right foot often felt ‘wooden’.

Mr H previously had a very active and outdoor lifestyle, and as a result of this negligence and life-changing injury, he was unable to continue with his hobbies. He also owned several rental properties, which he would now be unable to maintain as a result of his injury, and would need to pay someone else to do it for him.

Due to pre-existing conditions, however, Mr H would ultimately require a below-knee amputation, which was in no way related to the negligence of the hospital.

Settlement of £70,000

The Defendants denied liability in full and so proceedings were issued and passed to panel solicitors. The panel solicitors entered into negotiations and the claim was ultimately settled for £70,000.

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Although rare, compartment syndrome is a potentially serious condition that can cause permanent damage to the muscles and nerves.

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