We’re gearing up to support Road Safety Week!

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We’re delighted to be supporting the Brain Injury Group and BRAKE in this year’s Road Safety Week campaign.

This year, BRAKE’s theme is ‘Bike Smart’ and will focus on the safety of cyclists and motorcyclists, who are amongst the most vulnerable of UK road users.

More than a third of people killed or seriously injured on UK roads are those travelling on two wheels, with 100 bike riders injured every day in needless, preventable crashes.

Through the week-long awareness campaign, Barcan+Kirby will be supporting BRAKE’s stances on:

  • policy-makers being Bike Smart by implementing a safe systems approach, mandating lifesaving technology and prioritising cycle friendly infrastructure
  • drivers being Bike Smart by looking out for those on two wheels, driving safely and slowly and giving bike riders plenty of space
  • cyclists and motorcyclists being Bike Smart through safe riding behaviours and appropriate training and equipment

We will once again be supporting the Brain Injury Group who highlight how road traffic accidents are the leading cause of brain injury in the UK. We’ll also be lending our support to Road Safety Week by supporting Hillcrest Primary School in Totterdown to teach the children about road safety and being ‘Bike Smart’.

We have extensive experience in helping cyclists in road collisions and recently helped a Claimant who had been knocked off their bicycle at a roundabout by a driver.

A driver had cut in front of the cyclist in an attempt to take the first exit off the roundabout, causing the cyclist to crash into their vehicle. The resulting collision saw the Claimant suffer physical, psychological and neurological injuries , including an intra-articular fracture to his right arm, a head injury and psychological symptoms such as anxiety and recurring nightmares.

Barcan+Kirby took on the Claimant’s case which saw them being awarded £24,000 in compensation.

Amie L. Prowle, leading solicitor on the case, said on the result, “While this was case was a victory, it highlights the need for drivers to be more aware of two-wheeled road users.

“Thankfully, our client wasn’t killed in this instance, but they will have to live with their injuries for years to come. Many aren’t so fortunate.”

Further information

For more information about Road Safety Week, visit www.roadsafetyweek.org.uk or visit the Brain Injury Group website.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our personal injury claims team, call us on  0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form.


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