Case study: compensation settlement for injured cyclist

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As a nation, we’re increasingly recognising the benefits that cycling can bring for both work and leisure. However, as personal injury lawyers, we’re also very aware of how vulnerable cyclists can be, with an increase in the popularity of using bicycles likely to contribute to more serious cycling injuries on the road in the long term.

But bicycle users are frequently injured in road traffic accidents, often through no fault of the cyclist. If this happens to you and another party is at fault, you may be able to make a claim for cycling accident compensation.

Our specialist cycling accident solicitors recently helped a cyclist who received multiple minor injuries following a collision with a car.

Collision at junction

Our client was cycling on the road and proceeded to turn right at a junction, signalling her intention in ample time and moving to start the turn. As she did, a car that was previously stationary accelerated out of the junction and collided with our client.

Following the collision, our client was thrown to the road and sustained multiple injuries, including bruising and possible fracture to her rib, bruising to her cervical spine, abrasions to her arms and numbness to her thigh.

As a result of her injuries, our client required post-accident assistance in her home for six weeks.

Claim for damage and rehabilitation costs

The defendant driver initially denied liability, but our solicitors were able to provide evidence that showed she pulled out of a minor road when our client had the right-of-way.

We were also able to claim for damage to our client’s bike and compensate our client for her medication and home help costs.

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