Case study: £2,250 for nitric acid face burn at work

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Our personal injury solicitors helped claim compensation for a delivery driver who sustained chemical burns to his face whilst at work.

Accident circumstances and injuries sustained

Our client, Mr L, was making a delivery of nitric acid to a farm. He was undertaking a chemical pump over, and as the process was coming to an end, Mr L started walking to his vehicle to stop the compressor. The pipe connection on the tank failed, and the pipe disconnected and was waving in the air, causing the acid to spray on our client. Mr L washed his face immediately but he still sustained a chemical burn. As a result of his injuries, Mr L required five days off of work.

Claiming compensation for personal injury

Mr L instructed our specialist workplace injury solicitors to help put forward a claim for compensation for the injuries sustained as a result of the accident.

Checks on the tanks such as the one Mr L was operating should be conducted regularly, however, this had not been done in 11 years. We were alleging that Mr L’s employers did not conduct sufficient inspections, as per their procedure of maintaining equipment. Had the inspection been carried out, it would have identified that the tank on the farm was defective and in disrepair. As these inspections were not carried out, Mr L’s employers exposed him to a foreseeable risk of injury.

We submitted the Claim Notification Form to the insurers and liability for the accident was accepted.

Medical records obtained

Our Personal Injury team obtained medical records from specialists to determine the full extent of Mr L’s injuries following the accident.

We provided the medical expert with photographs of the injuries to Mr L’s face.

The medical report confirmed that Mr L’s injuries lasted four weeks and was able to make a full recovery without scarring due to his immediate reaction of hosing the acid from his face.

Settlement offer

Because burns are different from other minor injuries and are associated with additional pain, claims tend to attract higher awards than other minor injuries. We therefore recommended that our client submit a settlement offer of £2,500.

The claim was eventually settled for £2,250 following negotiations.

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Employers have a duty of care towards employees, which includes inspecting work equipment to ensure that they are kept in good repair. If an employer has failed in that duty and injury arises, you may be able to claim compensation.

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