How to make divorce easier for your children

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Divorce can create anxiety, worry, upset and frustration. It’s difficult enough as an adult to deal with such things but what must it be like for a child?

Our team of specialist divorce and separation lawyers have supported and guided countless families through the divorce process and have some tips which aim to raise a bit more awareness on the measures divorcing parents can take to soften the blow for the children, supporting them through what will be a difficult time in their life and helping them to understand the future and life after divorce.

Tips for how to make divorce easier for your children

Avoid discussing the specific details in front of your children

Try not to discuss the specific and finer details of your divorce in front of your child or children. They do need to be kept informed so they know what’s happening and when, but giving them too much information might cause unnecessary worry.

Try not to row in front of the children

It might be hard not to do this, but try not to row in front of the children, make accusations or place blame. Although you may be angry and upset, the children need to have an objective view of what’s happening so they can retain relationships with all those involved.

Keep calm

Again, this can be difficult during such a stressful time. However, try and be calm whilst sharing information and answering any questions they might have.

Don’t use the children as go-betweens

Whatever you do, don’t use the children as go-betweens between you and your partner. If communication between you is difficult, seek legal or mediation advice without involving them.

Keep communication open

Talk to your children about what they think, how they feel and what they want. They may feel better if they are being consulted and made to think their opinion matters. It’s also worth considering that it’s not just about the here and now but what life will be like for you all a few years down the line. It will be easier to think positively by considering this.

Court as a last resort

Try and reach any key decisions within the family. Court proceedings should really be the last resort as they can have a lasting impact on family relationships. We can offer support and guidance throughout this process.

You could consider mediation or collaborative law, both of which are designed to encourage communication and resolve issues without the pressure of court action.

So, if you are a divorcing couple, with or without children, consider all the options and speak to our specialists who can help you understand the best course of action.

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