Is there such a thing as a good divorce?

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When it comes to divorce, it might be difficult to imagine the process being anything but ‘bad’. However, whilst going through a divorce is often an extremely difficult time for everyone involved, there are a few things you can do to make the process as amicable and time-effective as possible.

Our expert divorce solicitors recommend the following:

Seek good legal advice early on

Seeking legal advice from a good divorce solicitor early on in your separation is the first step in ensuring that the divorce does not turn acrimonious. Clear and objective legal guidance will enable you to understand the divorce process and have realistic expectations about what it entails. Additionally, we can help you to resolve any issues constructively and with your best interest in mind.


Being able to have open communication with your ex-partner is really helpful in the divorce process. Although some couples are able to make agreements regarding their assets and children arrangements between themselves, others may not be able to reach an agreement acceptable to both parties. It is essential that you remain respectful to one another regardless of your position as it will help you to reach a settlement as quickly as possible. If you cannot reach an agreement on your own, mediation may be the next step for you.


As family law solicitors, we are advocates for collaborative solutions to family disputes and avoiding conflict wherever possible. If you cannot reach an agreement between yourselves, mediation can help you to have an open discussion with the assistance of a trained professional. Family mediation gives all parties an opportunity to have their say and resolve disagreements whilst considering the impact on everyone involved.

Our divorce solicitors will be able to advise you on your options regarding mediation, whether you need to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM), and how to make an application to the court if mediation is not effective.

It is important to note that mediators are not always legally trained and they will not be able to provide either party with advice regarding the fairness of your agreement.

Consider the bigger picture

During the divorce process, it is important you focus on the issues at hand to ensure that an agreement is reached pragmatically. It is easy to lose sight of what is important and to blame one another for the breakdown of your relationship. However, it is in both parties’ best interest to resolve matters quickly and amicably to ensure that you don’t end up in contentious court proceedings, which can make things complicated and costly.

Our experienced family lawyers are all members of Resolution, an organisation which promotes a collaborative approach to divorce and separation. Our family team adhere to the Resolution code of practice at all times because we recognise the importance of maintaining family relationships, even after a dispute.

Good Divorce Week

‘Good Divorce Week’ is an initiative run by Resolution, a community of family professionals working in a constructive way to resolve issues, which takes place in November. The initiative aims to highlight the crisis family courts are currently experiencing and raise awareness of the different ways in which disputes can be resolved out of court.

Family courts are facing a considerable backlog due to the Covid-19 pandemic and this can cause delays in family matters which is detrimental to child arrangements and financial settlements.

Resolution hopes to engage with MPs, policymakers and the public to raise awareness about the crisis the family courts are experiencing with the hope of bringing positive change.

Raising awareness of different ways to resolve family disputes aims to minimise conflict between parties and reduce the pressure on the family courts.

How our good divorce solicitors can help you

Divorce proceedings can be emotional and challenging for all those involved but considering the steps above can help you to have a ‘good’ divorce where possible.

Our divorce lawyers always try their best to make the process of legally ending a relationship as straightforward and conflict-free as possible.

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