Have you thought about your lasting legacy?

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Writing a Will is something we all need to do. The process of writing it helps us to think about what we want to happen when we die and who we want to leave our estate to.

It also offers us an opportunity to make bequests to charitable organisations that, without a doubt, benefit hugely from the gifts made in Wills, every year.

So, if you have made your will or you are thinking about making one, how do you go about leaving a legacy for a charity?

How can I leave money for a charity in my Will?

Within your Will, state which charity(s) you would like to leave a gift to, including their full name and address with their Registered Charity Number if you have it.

In some cases, you can even request that your money supports a specific area of the charities work, otherwise it will go where the charity feels it can do most good.

There are various ways of leaving money to charity:

  • A share of your estate alongside bequests to family and friends. This is known as a residuary gift
  • A cash gift, leaving an exact sum of money, known as a pecuniary gift
  • A specific gift instead of money so that funds can be raised in a different way
  • A gift in trust – you can leave a gift for someone to use over a period of time and when this has ended, it can be passed onto someone else, include a charity

Charities are so grateful for such gifts. They make a tangible difference to people and animals’ lives throughout the UK and further afield.

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