Case study: £32,500 for cyclist injured in car accident on roundabout

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Our specialist personal injury solicitors helped a cyclist to claim compensation after he was injured in an accident with a car on a Bristol roundabout.

The Claimant was referred to us by head injury charity, Headway, who we have an ongoing relationship with.

Accident circumstances and injuries

Mr M was cycling across a roundabout when the Defendant joined the roundabout, without due care and attention, and collided with him. The cyclist had right of way and the driver of the car was under the influence.

The initial injuries reported by Mr M were a right scapula fracture, a traumatic brain bleed leading to confusion and reduced cognitive ability, and general cuts and bruises. He also suffered psychologically as a result of the accident and spent nine days in the hospital.

Obtaining medical reports

Our personal injury solicitors met with the cyclist to gather details of the accident and go through the Conditional Fee Agreement we could offer. After obtaining Mr M’s medical records, we instructed a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon immediately. The report stated that Mr M had sustained the following significant injuries:

  • Head injury: Mr M had an initial loss of consciousness and a closed concussion head injury. He was diagnosed with a subarachnoid haemorrhage (bleed on the brain) and, following advice, was unable to drive for six months. Our client reported a good recovery from these injuries, but his memory has been poorer since the accident.
  • Right shoulder: our client had a closed fracture of the right scapula, resulting in him needing a sling and physiotherapy treatment. The worst of Mr M’s symptoms resolved within a few weeks, but discomfort, weakness and painful, restricted movement of his shoulder continued. He also believed the accident caused a misalignment between his right and left shoulders.

The medical report included a referral to a Neurologist. However, Mr M decided to proceed to a settlement without this, relying upon the information contained in the Orthopaedic report so he could move past the accident as quickly as possible.

Claiming for financial loss

Our specialist personal injury lawyers collated details of Mr M’s financial losses and obtained copies of his payslips from his employer to ensure we had thorough and complete evidence of his loss.

Mr M included a claim for damaged items such as his bicycle, helmet and clothing, as well as a care claim to cover the eight weeks following the accident. During this period, he relied on his partner to assist with daily tasks and household responsibilities.

Settlement offer

Our solicitors sent the approved medical report and schedule of loss to the Defendant’s insurers, who we invited to make an offer of settlement.

An offer was received of £32,500, which was accepted by Mr M following our advice.

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