Case study: £25,000 compensation for leg injury after cycling accident

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Our specialist cycling accident solicitors helped a young woman to claim compensation after a car collided with her bicycle, leaving her with leg injuries which required surgery.

Our client, Ms H, was cycling to work through Old Market in central Bristol. The stretch of road she was on has two lanes; the inside lane has parking spaces along it, and Ms H was cycling in this lane, past the parked vehicles.

The Defendant pulled out of one of the parking spaces and straight into the outside lane, but then, without warning or indication, swerved back into the inside lane, colliding with the rear of our client’s bicycle. The Defendant’s car hit Ms H’s back wheel, causing her to hit the bonnet and then fall to the ground.

Surgery and time off work due to injuries sustained

Our client suffered a broken right fibula and closed right ankle fracture as a result of the bike accident. Ms H works as a Police Offer, and, although she only took three weeks off of work, she was reduced to desk-based duties for a further five and a half months.

Ms H had surgery to insert five pins and one plate in her ankle, and she was unable to drive for two months; something which is a key part of her job. Our client was very active in her personal life; a keen runner, due to partake in the half iron man and would normally go camping or hiking in the summer. She was concerned about whether she would be able to return to her pre-accident fitness.

Admission of liability and rehabilitation treatment

Ms H began some physiotherapy on the NHS and then a rehabilitation programme through her employer’s provider. She also continued to see a private physiotherapist in Bristol.

Once our cycling accident solicitors had started the claim for Ms H, we instructed our physiotherapy provider to arrange treatment.

A Claim Notification Form (CNF) was drafted, approved by the client, and submitted to the insurers of the Defendant, who admitted liability for the accident.

Our lawyers considered obtaining our client’s medical records, and discussed the position of her injuries. She had not made any progress with her running which was a big concern for her. As we had received an admission of liability, we approached the Defendant’s insurers to see whether they would be willing to arrange an assessment to consider whether further, more specialist, treatment would assist. We also began to obtain copies of her medical records.

The insurers instructed their treatment provider to arrange an initial needs assessment (INA) for Ms H. The INA recommended an assessment by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon to assess her movement and confirm whether any surgery is required to remove the metalwork, as well as a potential future Podiatrist specialising in gait analysis for runners, with a goal to return to her pre-accident running.

Our client had an x-ray and ultrasound as recommended by the Consultant. He then discussed surgical intervention and it was agreed that this was not required. Ms H’s running was improving and he confirmed there may be some further improvement in the future of any ongoing symptoms.

Early settlement offer of £25,000

Following the conclusion of treatment, our solicitors started to prepare to instruct an independent medical expert to examine Ms H and provide a report on her injuries, which is what we would use to value the claim.

Before instructing the expert, we received correspondence from the other side’s insurers with an early offer of settlement in the sum of £25,000. Although we were not able to advise our client as to whether or not this offer was reasonable, as we were without independent medical evidence, our solicitors were able to provide her with general guideline valuations for her injury in order for her to make a decision.

Ms H considered the offer, and although she still has some nuisance symptoms, she is now able to do everything she wants to do, and so she accepted the £25,000 settlement.

Once we received the compensation, we were able to make payments to our treatment provider, and our client’s work treatment provider who both had subrogated claims, before sending Ms H the balance of the amount.

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