Case study: £49k settlement for fall on poorly lit surface

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Our personal injury solicitors advised an 80-year-old woman who tripped over a poorly lit paved area and sustained a serious hip injury.

Serious hip injury after fall

Our personal injury solicitors sent a Letter of Claim to the Defendant. They admitted liability but disputed that the claim exceeded £25,000. We maintained our belief in the value of the claim.

Our client sustained a serious injury to her hip which required a total hip replacement. She also sustained a fracture to her dominant wrist which required surgery, and a minor head injury. We therefore arranged an Initial Needs Assessment (INA) and arranged a course of occupational therapy treatment. This was, however, complicated by the fact that she had had two falls since the accident and was generally unsteady on her feet. We believed these falls were as a result of the accident.

Adaptations to the home

The INA revealed that our client may benefit from a walk-in shower, a ramp to the front door and other home adaptations. However, there were difficulties in obtaining an interim payment. The Defendant refused to link the need for the walk-in shower and other adaptations to the accident, bearing in mind our client’s age. Our client finally had the adaptations made to her home to aid her leaving the house with more confidence.

Finalising the settlement

The Orthopaedic Consultant supported the above position and we issued the claim, sending evidence to the Defendant inviting settlement proposals. The Defendant made a low offer (less than half our valuation) and argued that some of the care received would have been required in any event as our client is elderly. Our specialist solicitors sought clarity from the medical expert who confirmed that the care to date was reasonable. Whilst he said that it was difficult to apportion age-related future care, he indicated that around 80% of future care would be due to the accident.

The Defendant made further low offers and, after a CCMC, the Defendant made an offer of £49,609.20. Our client accepted this settlement offer on our advice.

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