Children’s Mental Health Week

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As part of Children’s Mental Health Week 2019, we focus on the wellbeing of children whose parents are going through a divorce or separation.

It’s well known that children can suffer when their parents go through a separation or divorce, with symptoms including anxiety, depression and behavioural disorder. If their parents are going through a particularly stressful time, they may find it difficult to recognise these symptoms and to seek help when the children need it.

It’s estimated that around one in ten children suffers from mental health problems at some stage in their childhood. However, around 70% of those children and young people who experience mental health problems have not had any appropriate treatment or intervention at an early enough stage. This may mean that the problems can persist into later life as adults and potentially affect their relationships, job prospects, and more.

It is therefore vitally important to consider the welfare of the children when parents are separating, or considering separation or divorce. Whilst many parents feel that staying together for the children is the best thing, in fact, research shows that a well-managed separation where the parents are able to agree on arrangements for the children and finances, and maintain a reasonable working relationship post-separation, might be better for the children rather than remaining in a conflict-ridden household.

At Barcan+Kirby we recognise the importance of considering the welfare interests of any children of divorce, and we will always consider the arrangements for the children when advising clients going through a separation or divorce. We have a wide range of specialists advising not only on divorce and finance matters, but also on children issues, and can call upon expert non-legal help where necessary, including child and/or family therapists, divorce coaches, and many others.

All our solicitors are members of Resolution and we subscribe to a code of conduct which means that we will always approach your case in a conciliatory and non-aggressive manner where appropriate, and try to help you to come to an agreement about all issues in your separation so that you can move forward with confidence and with the wellbeing not only of yourself but also your children at heart.

Our specialist team also offer mediation and collaborative law, which are different ways of helping couples to reach an agreement following their separation or divorce. In mediation, we work with the couple together to help them come to an agreement. In collaborative law, we also provide legal advice through the process for added reassurance. If an agreement is not possible, we will try every alternative option before issuing Court proceedings, but even where that is necessary, we will approach the matter sensitively and professionally at all times.

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