Case study: compensation for head and brain injury after fall at work

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As personal injury lawyers, we’re only too aware of how devastating the effects of a brain injury can be; not just for the survivor, but also for their loved ones.

It can cause both physical and psychological changes, including thinking and learning difficulties, memory loss and personality changes, all of which can have a profound impact on the quality of the sufferer’s life.

Our personal injury solicitors recently acted for a woman who suffered severe injuries following an accident at work.

Severe brain injury after fall at work

Our client, Ms B, suffered a severe head and brain injury after falling through the floor onto concrete at her place of work.

As a result of her injury, Ms B lost her sense of smell, whilst her hearing and sense of taste were adversely impacted. She developed epilepsy and suffered from seizures, with one seizure resulting in the premature delivery of her baby.

Her short-term memory and concentration were also affected and she suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and a lack of confidence.

These injuries had a devastating effect on our client and her partner, both of whom were young and at a stage in their lives where they were planning their future. Our client attempted to return to work but her symptoms prevented her from maintaining employment.

Treatment and rehabilitation

In the course of her claim, Ms B was allocated a case manager and two support workers to help in her treatment and rehabilitation. This ensured that her partner could remain in employment and continue in his role as partner and father, rather than as her carer.

A private neuropsychiatrist and neuropsychologist provided medical, psychological and strategic support in managing our Ms B’s symptoms. Nannies were employed to help care for her children and her family was given support to deal with the impact of her accident.

Court proceedings were issued and the defendant owners of the premises admitted liability for our client’s injury. Judgment was then entered for our client against the defendant and the matter settled without going to trial.

Award in damages

A seven-figure sum was awarded in damages. This was to compensate our client for her pain and suffering and covered the financial losses and expenses she had incurred as a result as her injuries, as well as those she was likely to incur in the future.

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