Case study: £6,000 for cyclist’s road collision with car at junction

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Our Personal Injury team recently helped a cyclist who was involved in a road collision with a car that pulled out of a junction, even though our client had the right of way.

Accident circumstances and injuries

Our client, Mr S, was cycling up the road when the Defendant pulled out of the junction on the left, turning right, and collided with him.

As a result of the accident, Mr S sustained the following injuries:

  • Ligament damage to his knee
  • Pain in the chest
  • Soft tissue injury to his back and left shoulder
  • Cuts to his finger and elbow
  • Headaches
  • Psychological injury

These injuries required Mr S to take two weeks off work. He then returned to light duties for a further ten weeks.

Claiming compensation for personal injury

Mr S instructed our specialist cycling accident solicitors to help him claim compensation for the injuries he sustained as a result of the accident.

Mr S had made a note of the Defendant’s registration number and we were able to run an insurance check on their vehicle and submit the Claim Notification Form to the correct insurers. This outlined the details of the incident and our allegations as to why we were holding them at fault.

Liability was then promptly admitted.

Medical reports obtained

Our Personal Injury team obtained medical reports from a specialist to determine the full extent of Mr S’s injuries as a result of the accident.
The report stated that:

  • Mr S’ neck pain, mid-back pain, left shoulder injury and right knee damage should resolve within nine months of the accident date, aided by a course of physiotherapy;
  • The chest pain should resolve gradually within nine months of the accident. No specific treatment was recommended; and
  • Mr S’s travel anxiety did not represent PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and this was expected to resolve within nine months of the accident date.

Our client’s cuts to his elbow and middle finger resolved within a couple of days.

Loss of earnings and treatment costs

We collated details of Mr S’ financial losses, which included a loss of earnings, damage to his bike, clothing and watch, as well as the treatment costs for the physiotherapy that was recommended. He intended to have physiotherapy after the claim was settled. We recommended Mr S submit an offer of settlement.

Settlement offers

The Defendant’s first and second offers were low and we did not think they had considered the severity of the injuries sustained by Mr S, nor some of his financial losses. In light of this, our personal injury lawyers recommended that Mr S take the claim to ‘Stage Three’; this is where the Defendant’s insurers are given a final five working days to reconsider their best offer before Court proceedings are issued.

The Defendant’s insurers responded with an increased offer of £6,000 which was accepted by our client without the need of issuing the claim at Court.

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