Case study: £50,000 compensation for shoulder injury after fall at work

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Our personal injury solicitors helped Mr C to claim compensation after an accident at work left him with shoulder injuries and meant he was unable to return to work.

Fall down open manhole

Mr C worked for a security company who installed safes. On the day of the accident, he was assigned to a site which was undergoing renovations. On arrival, Mr C asked where to sign in and for directions to the bathroom. He was pointed down a dark corridor with no lights or electrics, and as he was walking down the corridor, he fell into an open manhole.

Mr C had not been given any induction on arrival at the site nor was he given any warning of the open manhole when he was given directions down the corridor. The manhole cover had been left leaning against a wall, with no barriers up around the hazard.

Shoulder injuries

Solicitor, Emily Williamson, who specialises in workplace accident claims, obtained medical evidence from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who confirmed that, as a result of the fall, our client suffered:

  • A fracture to his humerous just below his shoulder joint;
  • A frozen shoulder; and
  • Permanent reduction in movement.

Mr C was of retirement age, however, at the time of the accident, he had not made plans to retire just yet. As a result of his injuries after the accident, our client was unable to return to work as he could no longer perform manual handling duties. This forced him to retire early.

Acceptance of liability

We were able to secure an early acceptance of liability from the Defendant after submitting the letter of claim. The Defendant made an early pre-med offer of £20,000 which was rejected.

As well as securing compensation for Mr C’s injuries, our personal injury team were able to secure two years’ future loss of earnings for the client, giving him some peace of mind going into his retirement.

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