Case study: £38,000 settlement for shoulder injury after accident at work

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Our personal injury solicitors recently advised Ms S after an accident at work left her with a painful shoulder injury.

Ms S was knocked over after a heavy fire door was opened by a colleague and swung into her. The impact meant she fell to the ground and injured her right shoulder. Our client suffered tenderness over her acromioclavicular joint and lateral clavicle right shoulder. She also suffered from positive subacromial impingement (inflammation and irritation of the shoulder tendons).

As a result of her injuries, Ms S struggled to lift her arm above her head, meaning she was restricted in what she could do at work.

Our personal injury solicitors obtained medical evidence from an Orthopaedic Expert who suggested that Ms S may require surgery to improve these painful symptoms. He also recommended a referral to a specialist.

Our client’s employer made an offer before this referral, which was accepted. It was settled for £38,000. Since Ms S’s accident, the door has been changed and now has a window so you can see through it before opening it.

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