Making strides in the fight against dementia: 20km walk for BRACE

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Staff from our North Street office were put through their paces this weekend when they took part in a 20 kilometre sponsored walk to raise money for BRACE Alzheimer’s Research.

The team, made up of ten employees plus one retired partner, trekked their way across fields and woodland as part of Nailsea Rotary Club‘s sixth annual charity walk.

Taking part were Stephanie Evans, Lisa Ceo, Philippa Nolan, Robyn Eamer, Kirsty Moss, Becky George, Charlotte Smith, Charmaine Moger, Lauren Sherrard, Victoria Thompson and Andrew Dobie.

The hike was not without its challenges – including navigation – however the team were able to complete the course in a respectable 6 hours and 15 minutes.

Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed by friends, family and the local community. Over £1,000 has been raised in sponsorship for the walk so far, with yet more donations promised.

The money, along with a further £1,200 raised at the firm’s charity auction last Thursday, will help support vital research funded by BRACE, including a new study which is about to begin.

Amanda Cole, head of fundraising at BRACE, explains: “Recent research showed that impaired memory in people with Parkinson’s disease is improved with medication to increase dopamine levels in the brain. In new BRACE-funded research, Consultant Neurologist Liz Coulthard is taking this further to investigate different types of memory in a range of neurological diseases and none.

“Liz’s team will analyse data from the UK Biobank cohort, containing cognitive testing and genetic data from 500,000 participants – to understand how genetic variations that affect dopamine in the brain may influence people’s memory in various types of dementia.”

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For more information about our commitment to helping people with dementia, visit our dementia support page. To speak to a dementia-trained solicitor, call us on 0117 325 2929or complete our online contact form.


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