Case study: £17,500 settlement for cycling accident claim

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Our client, Mr A, was cycling behind his partner along a road. As they neared a junction, a driver coming out of the junction from the left did not stop and pulled out into the path of Mr A and his partner. Neither of the cyclists had time to stop or avoid the Defendant’s vehicle and they collided.

Mr A was knocked unconscious and had a spiral fracture to the left middle finger which required surgery and metal work inserted into his finger. He also had a severed tendon in the right index finger which was sutured in surgery. He was left with scarring on both hands, restricted movement and loss of grip strength. Mr A also had a laceration to the knee which required stitches.

Submitting the cycling accident claim

Our personal injury solicitors submitted a claim for the cycling accident to the Defendant’s insurers. They did not initially admit liability. However, the Defendant made an early offer to settle for £10,000 before medical evidence had been obtained. We considered prospects of success of the claim were good.

We looked at the potential value of the cycling accident claim and advised the Claimant that it was in excess of £10,000. Mr A did not accept the offer. Our solicitors proceeded to obtain medical records and instructed a consultant orthopaedic surgeon to prepare a report.

The medical expert confirmed the injuries set out above and advised the Claimant to have surgery to remove the metal work in his left middle finger. The three year limitation period was approaching, so we prepared the necessary claim form for Mr A to sign. We then sent this to the court to issue proceedings.

In an attempt to settle the claim before proceedings commenced, the Defendant repeated their earlier offer to settle for £10,000. At this stage, they admitted primary liability but raised potential allegations of contributory negligence against the Claimant. The Defendant referred to evidence, which they did not provide to us, that the Mr A was riding his bike without lights.

Compensation for financial losses

Our cycling accident solicitors prepared a schedule of loss which set out financial losses incurred. These included a claim for over £1,200 for damage to the Claimant’s bike and over £5,000 for the recommended surgery.

We sent the medical report and evidence of financial losses to the Defendant and started settlement negotiations. The claim settled for £17,500.

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