Case study: £105,000 for cyclist injured in collision with car

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Our personal injury solicitors helped a cyclist claim compensation after being injured in a collision with a car.

The Claimant, Mr A, came to our specialist cycling accident solicitors after being unsatisfied with the way the law firm his insurers referred him to handled his claim.

Head and shoulder injuries

Our client was riding his bicycle and had right of way when he was struck by a car that was emerging from a side road. Mr A was thrown over the bonnet and hit the ground. His head, inside his helmet, took the first impact.

Mr A reported a shoulder injury, a blow to the head, post-concussion syndrome and headaches. His concentration at work was affected and, within two weeks, he experienced an episode of low mood and subsequent self-harm, coinciding with immense pain in his head.

Investigating the full extent of loss

After Mr A was dissatisfied with his previous solicitors and their progression of his case under the low-value claims protocol, we took the time to listen to his full account of the accident and its consequences for Mr A.

Our personal injury lawyers were immediately concerned that the claim had been undervalued and that Mr A’s episode of self-harm and the impact his injuries had on his working capacity had not been fully explored.

We instructed a Neuropsychologist to explore the possibility of a brain injury, which was fortunately not present. An expert Clinical Psychologist concluded that Mr A’s ongoing fatigue, cognitive difficulties and the episode of self-harm were likely linked to his depressive illness, which was caused by the accident.

Compensation for financial loss

Our cycling accident solicitors issued court proceedings and served the medical evidence. We submitted a claim for financial losses, including loss of enjoyment of a holiday, loss of earnings due to a change in role and a delay in a promotion. Witness statements were obtained to support this.

The compensation claim also included a loss of pension as a consequence of these reduced earnings.

The Defendant’s insurer made two offers of £55,000 and £60,000. Our solicitors negotiated and the claim settled out of court for £105,000.

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