Case study: cyclist secures £10,000 compensation after collision on roundabout

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According to the Highway Code, cyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users. In fact, the Code was recently revised to give bike users greater priority on our roads. Despite this, cycling accidents are common on UK roads and our personal injury solicitors regularly advise cyclists who have been injured through no fault of their own.

Our personal injury lawyers recently helped a cyclist claim compensation after she was involved in an accident on a mini-roundabout.

Collision on mini-roundabout

Our client, Ms M, was cycling on a roundabout when a vehicle pulled out and collided with the back wheel of her bike. The impact caused Ms M to fall off the bicycle and onto the ground, suffering a sprained ligament in her knee and bursitis (joint swelling). As a result of her injuries, our client had to take two weeks off work.

Ms M had initially started a claim with the Defendant’s insurer directly, who had made a settlement offer of £5,000, but sought advice from our specialist cycling accident solicitors as she felt she was entitled to higher compensation.

After taking on Ms M’s claim, our personal injury solicitors submitted the claim to the Defendant’s insurers, who admitted liability.

Submitting a claim for compensation and financial loss

We also obtained our client’s medical records and instructed a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialised in knee injuries to assess Ms M’s injuries and the impact they could have on her future. We also obtained and submitted details of her financial losses which included: clothing damaged in the accident, medical expenses (prescriptions) and a knee support. Our lawyers also claimed for travel expenses, as Ms M was no longer able to cycle to work and had to rely on driving or trains

The medical report confirmed that Ms M had suffered from a sprain to a ligament in her knee and bursitis. She had some ongoing pain in her knee and limitations in sporting and physical activities which the medical expert confirmed would likely remain permanent.

Negotiating a settlement

Our personal injury team issued court proceedings as the limitation period would soon expire, which was successful. The Defendant then made a Part 36 offer to settle for £7,500, which we deemed too low and successfully negotiated for £10,297.

This case highlights the benefit of seeking advice from a specialist solicitor, whether you have started a claim with the insurer directly or you have recently been in an accident and you’re not sure where to start. Had Ms M not sought legal advice after her cycling accident, she may have under-settled her claim by accepting the insurer’s initial offer of £5,000.

Further information

If you have been injured in a bike accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Our personal injury solicitors have proven expertise in securing compensation for cyclists who have been injured on the road and can help you to secure the funding you need to be able to move forward.

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