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What do we have in common with Bradley Wiggins?


Aside from the initials ‘BW’, your first response will probably be a resounding “nothing”.

On the surface, you’re not wrong. For as the first ever British winner of Le Tour, Wiggins’ victory is, according to Olympic gold medallist Sir Chris Hoy, ‘the greatest achievement by any British sportsperson – ever’.

To get our answer we need to look more closely at what his achievement was based on. For the man dubbed Le Gentleman by the French media, it was certainly a tremendous solo effort. But let’s not forget the huge amount of dedication and hard work from the whole team. This can be epitomised by the way they declined the traditional champagne en route to Paris so they weren’t deflected by the job in hand. Then Wiggins personally pushed himself to the limit in the sprint finish to lead out his teammate, Mark Cavendish, and ensure his victory on the Champs Elysees.

The management and technical expertise of Team Sky was no doubt instrumental in driving Wiggins to his victory, but the logic of applying the competitive skills of sport can also be applied to the competitive skills of business and the practice of law.

So it’s at this point that we can start to draw our comparisons. At Barcan Woodward we’re approaching our 20 year anniversary and, whilst this milestone can’t be compared to a competitive road race, the qualities and skills needed to reach this point remain the same. Here we can reflect on a huge amount of dedication and hard work, both on an individual level and as part of our larger team, as well as a moral attitude towards all that we do. Qualities displayed, not just by Bradley Wiggins, but by Team Sky in general.

So, what now for Barcan Woodward? The drive and determination of our team to celebrate another 20 years of success.

And for Bradley Wiggins? A thoroughly modern hero, this yellow jersey-wearing man is the new patron saint for all dedicated two-wheelers up and down the country. Now Wiggo, let’s ensure Cav gets that Olympic gold!

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