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Personal Injury – Putting our client at the heart of the process.


As Personal Injury lawyers, we regularly deal with complex cases. These cases need expert legal experience and knowledge to understand the reasons for a claim and to make sure a satisfactory outcome is reached. However, there’s much more to it than that.

Putting our client at the very heart of the process is critical.

Too many other firms seem to support an ‘under settlement market’ or are looking to do this.

This means that clients are receiving less compensation than they are actually entitled to so the Solicitor can resolve the matter quickly, moving on to the next case.

Some firms are also using these tactics to try and move away from traditional personal injury work which can be seen as uneconomic for them.

As the Personal Injury industry changes, potentially developing a culture of ‘call centers’ where the volume of work can out-weigh the quality of the work, clients could be encouraged to settle instead of considering a different lawyer to secure a more positive outcome.

So what should you do if you are affected by a personal injury?

Instructing a lawyer who offers a quick settlement might seem the best and easiest option but that’s not necessarily the case.

We know that speaking to a lawyer can be an intimidating experience, but to get the best possible outcome, relationships need to be built between the lawyer and his/her client so they fully understand the case, needs and concerns.

Too many of our clients have come to us because they have encountered exactly the opposite and need above everything else, a legal expert who is sympathetic and understanding of their position.

It’s not about faceless organisations operating with teams of people who don’t take specific responsibility for your case. It’s about offering a service built on getting to know each other; one that responds to what you need, providing reassurance, guidance and advice.

If you’ve been affected by a personal injury, don’t consider a ‘quick fix’ but instead consider speaking to a member of our team who will strive to make this a personal process, achieving the best possible result for you rather than this being simply just another instruction.

Further information

To discuss a potential personal injury claim with a member of our team, call 0117 325 2929 or complete our online enquiry form. We offer a free consultation with a specialist personal injury solicitor to talk about your options and how best to fund your claim.

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