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Park Rule Changes: A step into the unknown?


Most of us will have heard about the changes to park rules which are now taking place. Existing park rules may or may not survive these changes! You may live on a park where the same rules have been in place for years. From February 2015 the old rules, (and any new ones) will have had to be agreed with all the residents on the park.

If your park owner wishes to keep the existing rules and/or any new ones he or she must send you a ‘Proposal Notice’. This lists the park rules the park owner wishes to keep or introduce.  If you are happy with these then you need do nothing. Your silence will count as agreement.

If you are unhappy with some or all of the rules then you simply tell the park owner in writing. You do not have to give reasons but it may be helpful to do so. The park owner must then send you a ‘Consultation Response Document’ which details his or her reasons for believing that the rule or rules ought to be put into place. Once again if you agree you need do nothing. If you disagree then you need to apply to the Property Tribunal which is a straightforward process. Since the altered rules could otherwise take effect by default it is worth the effort.

If the Property Tribunal is satisfied the rule or rules are acceptable then that is that. Whether it will do so will depend on whether the rule in question is in the best interests of the park and its residents. It will not be enough that the park owner’s preference is to have that rule in force.

It surprises many residents that long standing park rules, (which individual residents signed up to when they bought their homes) may now be set to change. It is a bigger surprise to many park owners!

it is worth adding that the new law contains a list of rules which are no longer allowed whether agreed by the resident or not.

What to do?

When you receive the proposed new rules have a think about them before speaking to your Residents Association and / or neighbours. When there is agreement as to what you would like to see and what you would not, write to the park owner together or individually. If you are not satisfied with the park owner’s explanation as to why the rule or rules should take effect, write again and in many cases that is likely to be the last you hear of it!

If the above process has not been completed by February 2015 then that is an end to it. There will no park rules. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing only you can say!

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